Destiny 2 – How To Get Garden of Salvation Loot without Doing The Raid

Last Updated on January 19, 2022

Raids are something not everyone likes doing in this game, the new raid might take around an hour to complete if you don’t fail too many times. Guides have been uploaded already by a lot of YouTubers, but you can’t disagree with the fact that this might be the most complicated raid among all. Pairing up with 5 others, staying co-ordinated for more than an hour is a lot to do.

We can get free raid exclusive chests similar to what we used to do with Last Wish. In last wish, you can use the Well of Wishes to get two free weekly chests. However, for this raid, we’ll be using a grenade launcher and some long jumps to glitch to the chest spawn areas. You can even go to the end of the raid, all this will get you two chests with the new Garden of Salvation loot.

How To Get Free Garden of Salvation Loot

You need

  • A Hunter or Warlock
  • A Grenade Launcher with Sticky Grenades (To make continued jumps)

First, load into the Garden of Salvation Raid by heading to the moon.

The box location is where you stand, and the arrow is where you have to jump and land.

After landing there, watch this video tutorial, writing this in the text might make it complicated and hard to understand. Bakengangsta made a video that shows all the jumps and locations.

Video Tutorial

This is the first chest, this chest doesn’t drop the good stuff.

For the second chest

This one requires players to have the mountaintop grenade launcher for the sticky grenades

Garden of Salvation Loot

The chest consists of all the new raid exclusive loot, including the armor. However, this chest won’t drop powerful gear. For powerful gear, you’ll have to do the raid.

  • Ancient Gospel – Hand Cannon
  • Sacred Provenance – Pulse Rifle
  • Reckless Oracle – Auto Rifle
  • Accrued Redemption – Combat Bow
  • Prophet of Doom – Shotgun
  • Zealot’s Reward – Fusion Rifle
  • Omniscient Eye – Sniper Rifle
  • Hunter Armor Set
  • Titan Armor Set
  • Warlock Armor Set

Everyone is more excited about the Sacred Provenance pulse rifle, it kind of melts enemies in the crucible and has a lot of range. The meta shift is now more rewarding for people playing a passive game and this pulse rifle supports that playstyle.

Do let us know if this guide helped you out.

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