Destiny 2 – How To Get One Small Step, Fangs of ShunGath Location

Last Updated on October 9, 2019

Moon has a way so many new weapons, I am particularly liking the new 180 RPM hand cannon that you get from killing the vex overlord. All of the new weapons are pretty good, there’s a pulse rifle, a shotgun, an SMG. Trying out new weapons is always fun, also the meta this season has changed so people are running around in crucible with their Recluse looking like dummies dealing no damage.

In this article, we will find out how to obtain the new One Small Step shotgun, which is pretty good in crucible and PvE both. Being a rapid-fire frame that can roll Quickdraw and Snapshot sights together, which is godly in PVP when you have the right range roll.

How To Get One Small Step

First things first, you’ll have to complete the Nightmare Hunt: Rage mission. This mission will show up on the moon once you have completed the Shadowkeep quest.

Upon completion of this step, you’ll be awarded with the Essence of Rage quest, this quest is for the One Small Step shotgun.

This quest requires you to do two things;

First Step: Eliminate enemies on Moon with Super, Grenades, and Melee.

Second Step: Fangs of Shun’Gath claimed – For this, you’ll have to eliminate Shun’Gath, continue reading to find where he’s located

Fangs of ShunGath Location

  • Spawn at Sanctuary on Moon
  • Take the path to your left, continue moving forward
  • Once you reach the Circle of Bones, continue moving forward while sticking to the right side
  • Keep walking or riding your sparrow until you reach a door with burning spikes on the roof
  • Again continue moving forward until you reach “The World’s Grave”
  • Eliminate Shun’Gath, collect the fangs of Shun’Gath, and head back to the Lectern of Enchantment.

If the text doesn’t explain it well, you can watch the video given below;

YouTube video

This is how you’ll get the One Small Step Shotgun, do let us know if this guide helped you out.

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