How To Farm Unleash The Dragon Legendary Artifact – Borderlands 3

Last Updated on October 11, 2019

Unleash the dragon might be my most favorite artifact in all game, the ability to melee enemies and watch them burn through all of their health is so much fun. This paired with the right Siren or Amara build can take down enemies with single melee in Mayhem 3 as well, so we can rightly term it OP.

Farming it before would have been a pain, but thanks to the increased loot and guaranteed spawn with the Rare Spawn hunt event we won’t have that problem anymore. However, this is only valid until October 15, 2019, after that farming again would become a pain. But, trust me, this is worth all that pain.

How To Farm Unleash The Dragon Legendary Artifact

Red Text: “En Fuego!”

Special Effect: 100% Incendiary status chance for melee attacks, sliding and ground slams. Increased incendiary damage and resistance.

To obtain this artifact, you’ll have to farm an enemy called EL Dragon Jr. This enemy will not spawn in normal mode, for him to spawn you must be playing in Mayhem 1 or higher. Just like most of the legendaries in the game, this one can drop from any enemy, however, the drop chances are increased when you eliminate EL Dragon Jr.

Where is EL Dragon Jr. Located?

Head to Jakobs Estate on Eden 6, then travel to the location marked in the image below

Once you head there, go down towards the waterfall, this is the place where he spawns. The spawns are not guaranteed, so you might have to try a few times. Once he does, eliminate him and the legendary mod will drop (hopefully!).

We got it!

With my Amara build I was able to one-hit Gigamind, the Incendiary damage over time did the rest. More guides on farming the right mods and legendaries will be posted over time, head to our Borderlands 3 section for more.

Do let us know if this guide helped you out, using the comment section below.

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