Destiny 2 – How To Spawn The Vex Overlord, Farm Powerful Engrams

Last Updated on October 9, 2019

Having trouble making the new Vex Overlord spawn after the Vex Offensive event? – Worry no more, in this guide we will cover How To Spawn The Vex Overlord.

What does the overlord award? – The Vex Overlord drops a powerful reward, this can be done three times for powerful gear. Once you are done with the powerful gear, you can continue to farm legendaries.

How To Spawn Him?

No one has actually written or found out the right way to spawn the vex overlord, all seems random at the moment. We will be updating this article once we have the information on a 100% spawn guarantee. Below is the way, which worked best for us:

  • Head to Anchor of Light
  • Proceed with killing all enemies and the Gatelord, you have to defeat the gatelord three times.
  • Once you kill the last gatelord, the overlord boss will appear

Upon the death of the Overlord, you’ll get your powerful drop.

How To Eliminate Fast?

Vex Overlord is a tanky enemy, eliminating him will require a lot of DPS. So make sure you have a full fireteam with the right weapons. If you fail to eliminate him in a given period of time, he will disappear.

We used a 3x Titan with One-Two Punch Shotguns + Peregrine Greaves. It was quite easy for us. If you don’t know, this combo is broken at the moment and can be used to take down the most powerful enemies with a single shot.

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