Eastshade PC Keyboard Controls

Last Updated on October 14, 2019

Eastshade PC Keyboard Controls – Eastshade is a pretty cool game based on adventure painting. You are a traveller who is exploring the land of eastshade while capturing everything in your canvas. Good concept game with over 1500 reviews on Steam, with a very positive rating. The game has been developed by Eastshade studious and was released back in February.


  • Open-world exploration adventure
  • Compose painting anywhere around the world, offer them to unlock secrets and gain exclusive items
  • Acquire crafting materials, schematics, and solve quests

Enough about the game, let’s stay on-topic and find the controls of the game.

Eastshade PC Keyboard Controls

The controls given below are the default ones shipped with the installation, you can change them by heading to the settings menu.

  • Interact – Left Mouse Button
  • Walk – Right Mouse Button
  • Look Around – Mouse
  • null
  • Move – WASD
  • Jump – Space
  • Journal – J
  • Run – Left Shift
  • Autowalk – R
  • Crouch – Ctrl
  • Open Inventory – TAB

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