Find How Much Time Have I wasted on LOL

Last Updated on January 23, 2022

Time Wasted on LOL – League of Legends is one of the most famous RPG’s ever made, the player base is insane and keeps growing. People have spent hours worth of years in the game and there’s no sign of them stopping. At the time of writing this article, currently, 127k people are watching streamers play League of Legends. LOL has a huge player base, a great competitive scene, huge prize pools and a lot of fun.

I won’t disagree with the fact that RPGs are addictive and once you start there’s no going back. I checked for my “time wasted on lol” and the result was, 576 hours which is equivalent to almost 24 days worth of gameplay.

On Steam, you can easily check the number of hours that you’ve put in. For games that make use of other clients, it becomes difficult, Riot allows you to check the amount of money you’ve put in but not the hours. This might get added in future updates. If you are interested in finding out how many hours you’ve put in, continue reading the article.

Find How Much Time Have I wasted on LOL

There’s this website called that you can head to for any information related to the hours you’ve put in. There’s no official way of knowing, so we’ll be using a third-party site. Over 8.1 million players have already used the site, and the average came out to be 1 hour, which doesn’t seem high.

Once you’re on the website, enter your username and click the “how much time I wasted on LOL” button. This will display all the information you’re looking for. My result came out a whopping 3000 hours. The leaderboard has players with over 500 days worth of their time put in-game, which is more than a year. This is insane.

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