Elden Ring – How To Remove 60 FPS Cap Easily using Mod

Last Updated on March 15, 2022

Elden Ring is out on Steam and can be purchased for $59.99. The game is gathering raving reviews from all the gaming critics. This game is on track to become the best-rated ever. IGN, GamesRadar, and Gameinformer have given max ratings to Elden Ring. FromSoftware showed the game back in E3 2019; it has taken them long enough to release it.

Update #1: Thanks to the modding community we finally have a mod that removes the FPS Cap. Please continue reading to find out.

The game requires a beefy computer; I have covered this in our performance improvement guide. So far, the users are complaining about the missing DLSS and FSR in the game. I was also surprised when I found out that the game is missing both of these. However, I am sure devs will add this with a later update.

Note: Raytracing will be added with an update that will arrive soon. Devs have confirmed this.

Elden Ring – Can I remove the 60 FPS Cap?

How To Remove FPS Cap in Elden Ring?

Update #2: You can also use Flawlesswidescreen software to Unlock FPS for Elden Ring. Read more about it here. This is only useful for players that are okay with running the game in offline mode.

First, you have to download the Elden Ring Framerate Unlocker from here. After this follow steps accordingly.

For Nvidia Users

  • Launch Nvidia Control Panel
  • Go to Display > Change Resolution
  • From here, locate the refresh rate drop down, and set it to the highest possible
  • Go to 3D Settings > Manage 3D Settings > Program Setting > Elden Ring
  • Locate “Preferred Refresh Rate” and set it to “Highest Available”
  • Locate “Vsync” and set it to “Off”
  • Save your settings and now launch Elden Ring Framerate Unlocker, that we had downloaded earlier.
  • Use fullscreen (144 Hz or 60 Hz Monitors) or borderless window mode (144 Hz Monitors)
  • Set the refresh limit according to your preferences and click “Patch Game”.

That’s all.

For AMD Users

  • Right Click on Desktop > Display Settings
  • Locate Advanced Display Settings > Display Adapter Properties
  • Go to the Monitor Tab and set the refresh rate to the highest possible
  • Now, open Radeon Settings
  • Go to Gaming > Elden Ring, if the game is not there you can add it manually
  • Locate “Wait for Vertical Sync” and set it to “Enhanced Sync”
  • Use fullscreen (144 Hz or 60 Hz Monitors) or borderless window mode (144 Hz Monitors)
  • Set the refresh limit according to your preferences and click “Patch Game”.

In the older iteration of this article, we had already written about our expectations from the dev community. This has worked out, and we finally have an FPS unlocker that takes care of this. Kudos to uberhalit who created this!

Old Content Below

Another thing that the users on Reddit and FromSoftware forums are complaining about is the FPS Locked at 60. This is another thing that I feel will be unlocked later. As per the data available from the pre-testers, we are aware that the game is not optimized well, and the users will be getting a patch on Day 1 to fix a lot of the issues.

So the quickest answer would be, no, you cannot remove the FPS cap as of now. Both titles from FromSoftware, Dark Souls 3 and Bloodborne, have a lot of mods. I expect the modding community to release a tweak or workaround very soon, even if the devs don’t decide to remove the cap.

The game looks good so far, do you like it? – Do let us know using the comment section given below.

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