Elden Ring – How To Adjust FOV, Ultrawide, Widescreen & Aspect Ratio

Last Updated on March 16, 2022

Elden Ring doesn’t offer a lot of customization when it comes to graphics. A poor man’s port to PC is what it seems like so far. The devs didn’t offer DLSS, FSR, 60+ FPS at launch or even a FOV Slider.

Worry no more, Flawlesswidescreen devs took around 10 hours to build a custom mod for Elden Ring. This mod can now help you in unlocking your FPS, FoV Slider, frame time adjustments, and a lot more. The only catch is that you will have to disable easy anti-cheat in order to use it.

Funny how a billion-dollar company cannot build something like this, it is certain that it’s possible but they decided not to do it. PC users are always taken for granted, they always get poor ports with poor optimization and are left out with choices like refunding or waiting for a patch.

Elden Ring – How To Adjust FOV, Fix Resolution, & Aspect Ratio

Update: FromSoftware released an update that seems to have broken the Flawlesswidescreen software. There is a version mismatch problem. Thanks to Zerabphex for the update. You can try the fix given below, it might still work for some.

Update #2: The guys at Nexus Mods have created FOV Mods that don’t require you to run any programs. Check them out over here. You can use this if the Flawlesswidescreen software doesn’t work for you.

  • Download the Flawlesswidescreen software from here.
  • Install it on your computer, the file size is only around an MB
  • Launch the software
  • Locate Elden Ring from the game list
  • Now configure settings according to your liking:
  • There are numerous options that can help you in fixing your gameplay problems.
  • Select whatever’s relevant for you and launch the game.

Note: Make sure to read the warning before launching the game. You have to click the “Acknowledge and ignore” checkbox before applying any optimizations. The software is supposed to be used only for offline games.

We are glad the dev community to it upon themselves to fix all these issues. We can finally enjoy the game. Comment below if this helped you out 🙂

The launch of Elden Ring hasn’t been smooth so far. There are multiple issues that players are facing; crashingperformance issues are prominent. On top of that, the game is locked at 60 FPS with no DLSS and FSR available at launch.

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2 thoughts on “Elden Ring – How To Adjust FOV, Ultrawide, Widescreen & Aspect Ratio”

  1. This information is outdated since a new elden ring update dropped. The widescreen fix isn’t working and states there’s a version mismatch and this issue has been happening since the update. I’m unsure why you released this article yesterday without making sure it still worked :/

    • Hey, we are actively looking for another mod to do this. Regarding the updated date, we updated the image of the software which changed the article date to the latest one.


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