Warframe: Tatsu Prime & Phantasma Prime Relics Farming Guide

Last Updated on October 6, 2022

Revenant is the eight Primed Frame getting signature weapons as a part of their prime access.

Both of these are great weapons that are getting prime treatment. Frames getting primed are different; the signature weapons receive the real buff. This is what I am excited about all the time.

Both Revenant’s Signature weapons deal Radiation damage. They also synergize if used with Revenant; Tatsu gains charges, storing up to a maximum of 5 (9 if used by Revenant. Similarly, Phantasma’s magazine is increased by four rounds.

Weapon Description from Warframe

Tatsu Prime

Tatsu Prime glows with spectral splendor. It grows more powerful with each enemy’s demise, especially when wielded by Revenant.

Phantasma Prime

Phantasma Prime is burnished with deadly force. In Revenant’s hands, it has increased magazine capacity. The might of its irradiated plasma is reminiscent of the fearsome Eidolon.

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Buffs in Prime Variants

  • Phantasma Prime: Mag size is increased by 4 rounds.
  • Tatsu Prime: The projectile charge cap is increased by 4.

Not to forget, they also get shiny golden accents similar to every prime in the game.

How To Tatsu Prime & Phantasma Prime Relics

Note: I will update The Relic name and crafting costs as soon as the prime access update drops.

  • Tatsu Prime Blade: Neo T6 Relic
  • Tatsu Prime Handle: Axi T10 Relic
  • Tatsu Prime Blueprint: Axi H6 Relic

Phantasma Prime:

  • Stock: Lith P6
  • Receiver: Meso K4
  • Barrel: Meso P10
  • Blueprint: Axi N9

How To Farm Relics?

Two ways using which you can obtain the frame; one is by buying the prime access as soon as it comes out, and the other is by farming the relics. If you want to support the devs, buy the prime access.

Most players already know about the best spots in the game to get Lith, Neo, Meso, and Axi Relics. These are a few locations I can remember from the top of my head for quick farming.

  • Lith: Hepit, Capture Mission on Void.
  • Meso: IO, Jupiter always has been the go-to mission for Meso Relics. Ukko, Capture Mission on Void node is also great for solo players.
  • Neo: Apollo on Lua (Disruption), and Oestrus, Eris (Infested Salvage).
  • Axi: Xini, Eris (Infested Interception) or Void, Marduk (Sabotage).

That is all the information I have on the new prime access that is coming out. You can find more guides on Warframe here.

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