How to Increase Gear Level in V Rising – Guide

Last Updated on May 27, 2022

Increase Gear Level in V Rising: Stunlock Studios’ latest Vampire survival game V Rising has taken the internet by storm over the past few days. The rapidly increasing popularity of V Rising comes as a result of its unique game design alongside huge streamers like Shroud tuning into the game in front of thousands of viewers during his live streams.

With the constantly rising popularity of V Rising throughout the globe, many players are coming across some difficulties while trying to increase their Gear Score or Gear Level in the title. If you’re stuck at a certain Gear Level and wish to know more about how to increase your Gear Level in V Rising, we have you covered. Here’s what you need to know about increasing your Gear Level in V Rising.

V Rising: How to Increase Gear Level

The Gear Level system in V Rising enables players to keep track of how strong they are based on their currently equipped gear. If you have a high Gear Score, you’ll be able to take down more difficult foes and bosses, which in turn will help your progression through the game. Some other games like Destiny 2 also use a similar mechanic to keep track of a player’s progress.

Now for the question – How to increase your Gear Level in V Rising – the simplest answer would be through obtaining better gear for your character and defeating bosses and draining their blood. Crafting better gear will increase your Gear Level alongside improving other stats like physical power and max health when players complete a full Armor set. Note that you have to equip your gear once you craft them to increase your Gear Level in V Rising.

Crafting New Equipment

Players can also craft various weapons to increase their Gear Level in V Rising. These weapons can be used for other aspects as well. For instance, Axes can be used to chop down trees, whereas Swords can be used to cut plants.

However, you’ll have to create a simple workbench first to craft gear for your character. It can be made from the Build menu once you unlock it. Creating the workbench allows you to craft stronger gear for your character that can then be equipped to increase your Gear Level in V Rising once you manage to collect the appropriate crafting materials by slaying various bosses scattered across the world.

Defeating Bosses in V Rising

Defeating Bosses in V Rising is another excellent way to level up fast. Whenever you defeat a boss, you drain their blood. This gets you to access new abilities and in turn, increases your Gear Level. Taking down bosses is also the fastest way to gather materials and recipes.

Whenever you see any enemy with a skull icon above their head, you should run and not take a fight. This means your level is not high enough to fight with them.

What is the Max Gear Level in V Rising?

The current Level Cap in V Rising is Level 80. What this means is that you cannot go above this level. This also means that currently there is no content of the game that can’t be taken care of when you reach this level. Once you get to this level, you probably already know everything that exists in V Rising.

This was our guide on leveling up fast in V Rising; head here if you are looking for more V Rising guides.

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