How To Farm Titania Prime, Pangolin, Corinth Prime Relics

Last Updated on April 30, 2020

Titania Prime Access will be arriving in a few hours from now, more details about the update will be added in the article once the update has arrived. As you might already know, that primed frames have nothing different, they are just a better version of the frame, with more health, energy and most importantly the look, because fashion frame is the real end-game right?

In this article, I will be adding the relics and what are the best places to farm them to your Titania set as fast as possible.

Update: The update just dropped.

How To Farm Titania Prime, Pangolin, Corinth Prime Relics

Titania Prime Relics

  • Axi T5 – Titania Prime Systems Blueprint
  • Lith M5  – Titania Prime Blueprint
  • Meso E4 – Titania Prime Neuroptics Blueprint
  • Neo M3 – Titania Prime Chassis Blueprint

Pangolin Prime Relics

  • Meso R3 – Pangolin Prime Handle
  • Neo P1 – Pangolin Prime Blueprint
  • Axi G4 – Pangolin Prime Blade

Corinth Prime Relics

  • Neo R4 – Corinth Prime Receiver
  • Axi T4 – Corinth Prime Blueprint
  • Lith C6 – Corinth Prime Stock
  • Meso C5 – Corinth Prime Barrel

I am adding a section for best farming locations, just stay tuned.

Are you excited about this update? I surely am. Comment below and let me know.

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