Destiny 2 Trove Guardian Location This Week

Last Updated on May 18, 2022

The weekly reset has happened and as usual things such as Ascendant challenge, nightfall, & clan bounties have reset. Continue reading to find out about the Trove Guardian location this week.

Trove Guardian can be located on Moon, this enemy was introduced with the Shadowkeep update and has been roaming around ever since. Finding him is quite easy, he is a large red hive enemy.

Destiny 2 Trove Guardian Location This Week

Trove Guardian’s Location This week is Archer’s Line on Moon. Locating him is really easy, just head to the location mentioned, there you will find a huge enemy hive as shown in the picture below. Eliminate him.

Upon eliminating the Trove Guardian you’ll get a message “a path has opened”. Unlike other powerful enemies, trove guardian doesn’t drop a loot chest when he’s defeated, you have to scour around to some other location to gather his wares.

Trove Guardian Chest Location

Once he is eliminated, explore the immediate area. There should be a long floating, if you have ever been to dreaming city (with Tincture enabled), then you should have seen the floating platform, these platforms are similar. Just jump around and you’ll be headed to the loot area soon.

Trove Guardian Chest Loot

The chest doesn’t give anything good, it’s similar to what to get in public events and powerful boss eliminations. I got a Phantasmal fragment and some blue gear. The phantasmal fragment is Eris Morn’s resource that is used for crafting new gear with Lectern of Enchantment.

This location will be valid for a full week.

I hope this guide helped you out, do comment below 🙂

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