How To Fix Modern Warfare 2 Steam Can’t Verify Phone Number Bug

Last Updated on October 27, 2022

Modern Warfare 2 Beta is out, and the game requires players to link their steam accounts to a phone number before they can play it. However, a bug does not allow players with accounts linked to their phone numbers to log in.

It’s no secret that many new PC games are plagued by issues and bugs. In fact, it’s become something of an expected norm. Developers release games that are either unfinished or full of glitches, and players are left to deal with the consequences. This is especially true for games that are outsourced to different studios or regions. We can let this game slide for now as it’s not the full release.

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There’s a workaround to fix this problem, and it’s quite simple, follow the steps given below and you’ll be good to go in no time. I ran into this problem and figured out a fix very quickly. Continue reading to find out.

Fix Modern Warfare 2 Error Linking Phone Bug

If you already have a phone number linked to your steam account, the Window will throw up an error as shown below:

“You have recently verified your phone number. As a result, you cannot verify it again at this time.”

Delete Steam Browser Data

To fix this:

  • Open Steam Launcher and Go to settings
  • Click Web Browser and then click the “Delete Web Browser Data” button

Normally, this should take care of this issue, but if it doesn’t continue reading.

Re-link your phone number

Doing this is a hassle for players like me who have their steam inventories filled with skins. Linking a phone number makes sure that our accounts stay safe at all times. Here are the steps to unlink and link your phone number:

  • Launch Steam
  • Click “Steam” > Settings
  • Locate the Account Tab and then click “View Account Details.”
  • Under Contact Info, click “Manage your phone number.”
  • Now, click “Remove Number” and follow the steps.
  • After doing this, launch Modern Warfare II, and you’ll be greeted with the “Mobile Phone Number Required” screen.
  • Using this screen, link your phone number again and your problem will be solved.

This is how you can fix the mobile phone bug in Modern Warfare 2.

Linking the phone number to Steam Accounts and only then letting the players is the step in the right direction. The developers are probably using this to combat cheaters who are a big nuisance for gamers.

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Call of Duty® | Modern Warfare II is now available on Playstation and PC via Steam.

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