How To Port Forward in COD MW2

Last Updated on October 27, 2022

Port Forward M2: In this guide, we will talk about how we can port forward/open ports using our Router to fix networking issues in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.

A lot of people are confused about what port forwarding is. It is a way to open up your router’s firewall to allow certain types of data to come in. For example, if you want to use Skype on your computer and block all other connections, you can only do so by port forwarding Skype’s port (port 5060) and others. You can also use port forwarding for security purposes, such as protecting a web server from outside access.

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Port Forwarding is a process of changing the communication of data packets by redirecting them through specific computer ports, making it easier for processes on the network to access content on the Internet. This process is done primarily with the aid of a router.

Note: Before doing this you will have to assign a static internal IP to your device. If you have a Wifi Router then there might be multiple devices connected to your router. Each device has a different Internal IP. Locate DHCP Server settings and use Address reservation to assign the IP to your device on which you will be gaming.

This article will use the example of a TP-Link Router, however, the steps are going to be similar for every router:

  • Login to your router’s admin panel, you can find the default address by checking your router’s back sticker
  • Once you are logged in, locate advanced settings
  • Select NAT Forwarding > Virtual Servers and start inputting the ports.
  • Add all the entries from the linked article and save.
  • Restart your router and your problem should be fixed.

Port Forward In Modern Warfare 2 for Tenda Router

I had another Tenda AC6 Router lying around, so here are the steps for port forwarding for the same:

  • Login to your router’s admin panel – default address for Tenda Router is
  • Once you are on the router’s home page > Go to advanced settings
  • From here, click Virtual Server
  • Using this screen, start inputting all the data from the ports mentioned on this page
  • Save and restart your router

Why does this happen?

As mentioned earlier, Port Forwarding is a way to open up your router’s firewall to allow certain types of data to come in. Routers are not exactly designed this way, they are not supposed to allow incoming networking requests, which is what affects your gaming experience. Opening ports changes this and makes networking performance way better.

If your problem is still not fixed, then remember you are not the only one. There might be ISP issues from your end that might be leading to this. However, we can never be sure, you can contact Activision support so they can look into it.

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