How To Get Gyre in Warframe – Farming Guide

Last Updated on April 28, 2022

Gyre Farming Guide – Gyre is the newest or the 49th Warframe that was introduced with the Angels of the Zariman Update. Gyre will be an Electricity themed similar to Volt, but the abilities are entirely different; that is the key differentiator according to [DE]Pablo.

Flash across the stage as a living thunderbolt and strike true as lucent lightning. A gentle facade conceals her lethal touch, thus with regal poise she bids adieu in her danse macabre finale.

– Warframe Description

Release Date and Time?

The exact time of release is not known as of now. Here’s the data from earlier releases:

  • April 27 from 9 PM to 12 PM PT

The exact date will be updated soon—DE Steve tweets about this before the update drops.

Gyre Base Stats

Name Stat
Mastery Requirement0
Health100, 300 at Rank 30
Shields175, 525 at Rank 30
Energy160, 240 at Rank 30

These are the base stats and can be boosted by the usage of mods. The mod configuration will be determined according to what build you will be running. We will be posting more details on that soon.

Gyre Abilities

PassiveFor Each Electricity Status Effect, Gyre’s abilities have a 10% chance of dealing Critical Damage.
ArcsphereDuration based ability. Gyre launches a Sphere that will deal damage on impact. The damage is enhanced by hitting three enemies.
Coil HorizonGyre throws her Gyratory Sphere that will suck in enemies. The Sphere will then explode after 2 seconds (it can also be triggered manually)
Cathode GraceGyre gains a burst of increased critical chance and energy regen for a duration. This duration increases as Gyre continues to take down enemies.
RotorswellGyre’s mechanisms spin at incredible speeds, generating an Electric Field that shocks nearby enemies. When Gyre gets a critical hit, a large electrical discharge will chain from the enemy that was hit to nearby enemies.

How To Get Gyre in Warframe

Most of us know that whenever a quest drops, a new frame comes with it. You can purchase the entirely crafted frame straight from the market, but you will miss out on the grind, which is the main point of this game.

The four parts are as follows:

  • Gyre Blueprint
  • Gyre Neuroptics
  • Gyre Chassis
  • Gyre Systems

Gyre Blueprint and the parts can be obtained by completing Quinn’s Bounties. All four parts are marked uncommon in the bounty description so the frame should be easy to farm. You gain access to Quinn after completing Angels of the Zariman Quest.

As we’ve pointed out earlier, the frame can be directly purchased from the market for 325 platinum. The collection should cost 595 platinum and will consist of a fully crafted frame, Gyre Automaton Helmet, Alternox, Triodic Syandana, and a Sphere Decoration.

There’s also an Angels of Zariman Chrysalith Pack available in the market.

Thoughts on the Frame?

So basically, Gyre is Half Vauban, Half Harrow with Volt Painted on top. I am not sure how this frame will survive in the end-game without some stat-boosting on her CC abilities. The kit, nonetheless is something that is going to be an all-rounder. Gyre will be one of those frames you can take on any missions similar to Octavia (without the invisibility).

I am excited to be finally playing hours of Warframe after so long. Not sure how long the quest will be; more updates will be posted under Warframe.

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