How to Get Sunflower Seed in V Rising – Farming Guide

Last Updated on June 3, 2022

Sunflower Seeds in V Rising: V Rising is a new Gothic Vampire Survival title by Stunlock Studios that’s currently trending throughout the globe among casual and hardcore players alike. Popular streamers like Shroud have also tuned in to the game during their live streams, which has further escalated the popularity of the title. 

If you’ve been playing V Rising for a while, you’re probably already aware of how important it is to collect various resources scattered across the world to be able to take on more difficult enemies and become stronger overall. As you’re a vampire, the sun is perhaps your worst enemy in V Rising, which is why you’ll find yourself in need of Sunflower Seeds while playing the game. 

In this guide, we have pointed out the location of the Sunflower Seeds and how you can get them in V Rising. Let’s take a look at Sunflower Seeds’ location in V Rising without further ado:

V Rising: How to Get Sunflower Seed

The best place to get Sunflower Seeds in V Rising is Dunley Farmlands. Besides, it can also be bought from Berk the Travelling Trader for 45 Silver Coins. He can be found in Dawnbreak Village near Dunley Farmlands. 

Once you’re in Dunley Farmlands, simply head to the Sunflower Fields and start killing Sunflower Plants to get Sunflower Seeds as drops in V Rising. This is the best method of obtaining Sunflower Seeds in the game.

Seeds can also be found in containers that are around the farms that are harvesting that particular crop. For example, Cottom farm has cotton & sunflower as loot mentioned in the game. By heading to this area, you have a chance of getting Sunflower Seeds from the containers.

Another good option for players not willing to grind mobs is to build your own farm in your Castle by planting Sunflower Seeds you already have and waiting a few in-game days to cultivate the seeds. 

That’s everything you need to know about how to get Sunflower Seeds in V Rising.

Since V Rising is a game that requires resources, you will need plenty of them during your playthrough. We have guides over here that cover most of them. So make sure to check them out and comment below if this guide helped you out.

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