How to Neo/Meme Strafe in Apex Legends

Last Updated on May 7, 2022

Movement is an important aspect of competitive games. Players who can move quickly and efficiently around the map can gain a strategic advantage. Good movement can help players dodge enemy fire, get to key positions on the map, and escape from dangerous situations. To be successful, players must use all of the tools at their disposal, including movement.

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Strafing in Apex Legends is essential. It can help you survive and take down enemies. When you strafe, you move laterally while keeping your aim on your target. This makes it difficult for enemies to hit you, and it also allows you to fire more shots at them.

Neo Strafing is strafing on steriods. Here’s a YouTube video showcasing how it works:

YouTube video

How To Neo Strafe in Apex Legends

Please keep in mind that this might get you banned from Apex Legends. A Streamer called Taxi abused a mechanic while playing Apex Ranked and was banned. It should be okay to try this in private matches though.

To make Neo Strafing work, players have to alter the config files; there are Discord servers are selling the CFG files. Once you’ve figured out how to make it work, you will be impossible to hit because your character will move left and right quickly. This makes the player harder to hit.

Another thing to note is that this seems to be working best while playing Octane.

Before making any file changes, please create a backup of your CFG Folder.

Step 1: Downloading CFG Files

  • Download the CFG Files.
  • Assign jump to your mouse scroll. To make strafing work, you have to use the scroll to jump.
  • Type Apex Legends in your search bar and right-click on Apex > Open file location. If your installation in on Steam, launch Steam > Library > Right-click Apex Legends > Manage > Browse Local Files.
  • A new explorer window will open now, locate the cfg folder and copy-paste the config files that we had downloaded earlier.

Step 2: Executing CFG Files

  • Open Notepad and type copy/paste the following commands:
cl_fovScale "1.7"
bind_US_standard "F12" "exec autoexec"
exec superglide1.cfg
exec neo_strafe1.cfg
  • Save the file as autoexec.cfg and paste it inside the cfg folder in Apex Legends installation folder.

Step 3: Adding Launch Options in Steam or Origin

Go to My Game Library on Origin and click Apex Legends Properties. Go to the advanced launch options tab and paste “+exec autoexec” in the command line arguments box.

If your game is on Steam, you had to add the same launch option.

Once you are done, launch Apex Legends. The config file that you downloaded earlier will be triggered by pressing the “4” key in-game.

Tutorial on Neo Strafing in Apex Legends

Now to make this work, you have to learn the key presses. Carefully watch this GIF; the keypresses are being highlighted on the bottom right side.

While strafing is a mechanic that most of the Apex community hated, if mastered, it increases your chances of winning 1v1s by a lot. Neo Strafing, however, requires editing of config files which I am sure Respawn will take care of within a few days or maybe hours.

I am pointing this out again; this might get your account banned if you abuse this in Ranked.

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9 thoughts on “How to Neo/Meme Strafe in Apex Legends”

    • //superglide1 file commands

      bind “CAPSLOCK” “+jump; exec superglide2.cfg” 0

      bind “MWHEELDOWN” “+jump” 0

      //superglide2 file command

      bind “MWHEELDOWN” “+jump; fps_max 30; exec superglide3.cfg” 0

      //superglide3 file command

      bind “MWHEELDOWN” “+duck; fps_max 190; exec superglide1.cfg” 0

      //steam(origin) launch option

      +exec superglide1.cfg

      //ingame options
      if it is on, then fps_max will not work and it means that you can’t superglide easily

      if launch option is not working, put the +exec superglide1.cfg to the first of the launch options
      and don’t forget the important thing that you have to a space between +exec superglide.cfg and other your launch option commands
      for example:
      +exec superglide.cfg+exec autoexec.cfg (X)
      +exec auperglide.cfg +exec autoexec.cfg (O)

      ⛔ Users who are using autoexec have a problem that superglide1.cfg does not work at all even if you enter +exec autoexec.cfg +exec superglide1.cfg in the launch option.
      In this case, add the command exec superglide1.cfg to your autoexec.cfg.

      ⛔ Don’t add .cfg at the end of your file name if you haven’t turned off ‘Hide Extensions for Known File Types’ Windows Option.


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