Modern Warfare 2: Twitch Rewards Missing from Inventory

Last Updated on October 30, 2022

Similar to many promotions that run on Twitch from time to time, there’s one running for Modern Warfare 2 too. Some users cannot find their rewards in inventory even after completing the given task. I was in the same boat until I fixed a few things; let’s find out what they are.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare came out just a few days back, and the game launch isn’t going as smoothly as Infinity Ward would have predicted. There are lobby issues, crashing, performance troubles, and much more to discuss. Some users are frustrated to the extent that they have even decided to refund the game.

Well, my article won’t focus on this; today, we’ll find out why the rewards are missing from the inventory even after watching the streamers for an hour.

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Twitch Rewards for MW2

The current Twitch Rewards for MW2 are

  • Medallion 141 Charm
  • Death’s Angel CC
  • Reaper 141 Emblem
  • Weapon Sticker
  • Watchdog 141 Blueprint

These rewards will change with time; the rewards mentioned above came out during the first week of the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 launch. Twitch Drops allow you to earn in-game rewards, items, or boosts.

How To Claim The Rewards?

Stating the obvious, first, you must watch a Twitch channel that has drops enabled for Modern Warfare 2. Once you have completed this, you will get a notification in the Twitch Window.

After completing the entire task, do this:

  • Go to Twitch > Account Settings
  • Link Your Activision ID by heading to this link; make sure to use the email ID linked to your COD account.
  • If you have completed one hour of watch time, your reward should be available to claim; go to this page.
  • Claim your rewards; they should show up if you have completed the task.

Please read the FAQ below if the rewards are not showing up for you.

Rewards Not Showing Up, What To do?

The Twitch drop system went through a change on October 10, 2022. If your rewards are missing, try relinking your account using this link.

If your rewards are still missing, Activision recommends users restart their game. Your account has to be linked to at least one gaming network (PlayStation, Xbox,, or Steam).

If you are still unable to get the rewards, you’ve encountered a bug that, unfortunately, cannot be fixed without contacting support.

Current Known Bug

Apparently, there is a bug that won’t let you claim the total five rewards. You will get three or four; everyone seems to be missing something, which is terrible. I tried contacting Activision for this but haven’t heard back from them.

Comment below if this guide helped you out. I’ve written many guides on MW2 that you can find here.

Call of Duty® | Modern Warfare II is available on Playstation and PC via Steam.

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