Overwatch 2 Server Status: Is the game down?

Last Updated on October 4, 2022

The new iteration of Overwatch is here, the game just came out, and fans are excited as ever to try out the new title. A few months back, the beta came out, and of course, the changes weren’t that great. The game also gathered a lot of criticism due to that. But I wouldn’t want anyone to judge the game during beta, the real test starts during full release.

Whenever a new title as famous as Overwatch comes out, many gamers will jump ship to try it. This puts strain on the game servers and creates problems for everyone.

Checking the server status is mandatory if you’re trying to connect to the game and are getting booted out. I will explain how you can check the server status in this article.

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Is Overwatch 2 Down?

The game just came out, so this is obvious that there’s a massive load on the game servers.

I have seen gamers on Reddit and Discussion forums abusing and blaming the devs for not preparing properly. Every one of us has to understand that servers have costs; many of the people rushing to try out the game today won’t be there tomorrow. Many of the population will vanish in a few days.

I would recommend you wait for a few hours and keep an eye on the official Twitter handles of the developers. I have mentioned them in this article. Keep reading to find out.

How To Check Overwatch 2 Server Status?

The best way to keep track of game-related news is the official handle of the developers:

Here are the links that you can follow:

The folks at Blizzard have also created a page mentioning the maintenance timing for the title:

A few third-party sites also track downtimes and server issues for online services. Whenever there is an issue, the graphs on these sites will spike. Downdetector is one such site.

Since OW1 will transition to a new title, the older game can be considered dead. Blizzard also has shut down the old-game servers. However, players can migrate the old skins to the new title. I will write a guide on how you can do it; keep an eye on the OW2 category.

If you are someone who is not able to log in and is having issues while trying to launch the game. I would recommend you wait and not get frustrated. Problems like these are typical for free-to-play games and are solved within a few hours. The developers also work very hard and keep an eye on server stability, especially on launch day.

This is how you can check the EU/NA Server Status of Overwatch 2.

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