Planet Zoo: How To Breed Animals Guide

Last Updated on November 7, 2019

So all of my animals are happy, fully researched, fertile and not old. How do I get them to breed? – Don’t worry, this article will cover everything.

Planet Zoo is an animal zoo simulation game, throughout the game, you be given tasks for various things. You also have to keep an eye on several endangered species. In order to maintain their numbers, you have to maintain the right habitat so they can breed. As mentioned earlier, there are several factors that will allow successful breeding, the animals should be happy and fertile.

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How To Breed Animals Guide

Below are the basic elements for breeding in Planet Zoo


All animals have to be enriched with food and toys. Find the right enrichment foods is easy, to display the list of the items just head to the habitat menu. You can also use the filtering feature to find stuff easily. After all, assign a vet to research an animal for finding the best enrichment options.


Using the Zoopedia, find what’s the best environment for a specific animal is. This will have details about both terrain types and plants to add.


This boils down to feeding the right foods to your animals. Just find the right nutrition needs using the habitat menu. Also, make sure you are feeding your animals’ grade three food.

Planet Zoo: How Breeding Works

Once you’ve taken care of everything such as Habitat, Nutrition, and Enrichment, you need to find out if the animals are capable of breeding or not. Not all animals can breed in Planet Zoo, to find out the right information, use the Zoopedia entry, and locate “species data”.

Now that you have the species data, head to the “Group” section. Find the right number of animals required for breeding. There is a certain number of males and females to be kept together. There are multiple sections that will reveal fertility, sexual maturity data. This will be detailed in ” reproduction in captivity” stat. After looking at all the stats, make your purchases from the animal market to start breeding.

If you’ve met the breeding conditions correctly, nature will take its course and breeding will happen. You will be informed via notifications on the top right about what animals are pregnant.

All Players can access the Zoopedia to find more information about how the game mechanics work.

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