How To Fix Planet Zoo – Keepers Not Feeding Bug

Last Updated on November 9, 2019

Planet Zoo Keepers not feeing Bug – The game has been out for a day or two, several bugs have started popping up. The most annoying out of all is, Keepers not feeding the animals, which is leading to animals dying of starvation.

So far five of my animals have given up due to starvation. I kept on calling for the keepers to attend but they just walk in and move past the feeding bowls.

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Let’s find out if there’s a fix available for this at the moment or not.

Keepers Not Feeding Bug

The developers have said that this is not a bug and have suggested that players build a keeper hut near the animal enclosures. Make sure the pathing is clear, I tried what the developer advised but found that the keepers and animals get stuck sometimes. I am hoping for this to get fixed when the next hotfix arrives. Also, do not add work zones near the animal enclosures.

If the above thing doesn’t work for you. Delete food enrichment devices and the food tray, after doing this restart your game. After restarting, place a new food tray. Once the food tray is completely filled, put the enrichment devices right back in.

If nothing works

Send animals to Change Center if nothing works for you. Sending the animals to the change center will make sure that the animals don’t die.

These are only temporary solutions, players have reported this to the developers. I expect an update to be released soon.

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