Borderlands 3: Fast & Best Hecktoplasm Farm Location

Last Updated on October 26, 2019

If you are looking to Farm Hecktoplasm in Borderlands 3 for the Bloody Harvest event then worry no more. This guide will help you out.

Hecktoplasm is a resource that you give to Maurice in exchange for opening the portal where you fight with Captain Haunt. Captain Haunt is a great boss who drops many great legendaries such as Fearmonger and Ghast Call. The boss fight location is Heck Hole, which requires around 25 Hecktoplasm, so to farm the boss you need quite a lot of this resource.

Hecktoplasm is dropped from haunted enemies’ skulls. The skulls are spawned when the haunted enemies are eliminated. The gold skulls can also drop all the Bloody Harvest exclusive loot, so this is also a great way to farm them.

Best Hecktoplasm Farm Location

Hecktoplasm can be farmed anywhere, basically any place where there are hordes of enemies. But this is not efficient. The best location is Wayward Tether, Proving Grounds.

As I said earlier, you can farm this anywhere you want to but the location I mentioned above was the most efficient. I ended up farming 15-20 Hecktoplasm within the first wave, which is good enough. There’s also matchmaking for this location so you might also take help from others.

The Bloody Harvest event has been a blast till now. There are ghosts to take downnew haunted bosses, a new legendary shotgun and several quests to complete. Everyone is busy completing their quest which starts from searching ghosts in the galaxy and then moving further with eliminating a set of enemies. This set of enemies includes many bosses such as Captain Haunt, El Dragon Jr, and Haunted Borman Nates. You also get the Fearmonger upon taking down the Captain Haunt, this is a pretty good legendary shotgun only available for the duration of the event.

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