Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands: Legendary Amulets & Rings Drop Location

Last Updated on August 30, 2022

Amulets are the Wonderlands version of Artifacts we had seen in Borderlands 3. This is the excerpt explaining both Rings and Amulets straight from the official page of Tiny Tina’s page on 2k:

Rings typically provide flat boosts to your loadout, like increases to Action Skill duration, damage or magazine size for a given gun type, Companion damage, and so on. Amulets are more likely to grant special effects, like a chance to instantly reload your equipped gun’s ammo after a melee hit. They can also increase things like Class Power and damage, whether that’s all your damage across the board or more specific avenues like gun or status effect damage.

Update: Coiled Captors DLC Rings and Amulets have been added to the tables.

How To Unlock Amulet Slot in Wonderlands?

As mentioned earlier, Amulets will boost various stats of the fatemaker. To unlock your Amulet slot you will have to complete story missions until you reach Brighthoof. Brighthoof is the home base of the fatemaker. This is where you will find mini-quests, main quests, and the Queen Butt Stallion.

Each amulet has three components; the Primary component boosts your character stats. Secondary components boost stats like; Loot Luck, Gun Reload Speed, Dark Magic Efficiency etc. Some amulets also have a unique stat that you must always look out for.

Here’s an Amulet with two Unique Stats:

  • Fatemaker critical hits increase Companion Critical Hit Chance by 80% for 6 seconds.
  • Companion Critical Hits increase Fatemaker Critical Hit Damage by 6 seconds.

Legendary Amulets in Wonderlands – Drop Locations

Amulets are manufactured by a single manufacturer called Vatu and they drop in all five rarities; Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic and Legendary.

Here are all the legendaries that we currently have in Wonderlands:

NameWorld DropDrop LocationSummaryRed Text
Blaze of GloryNoChaos ChamberOn entering SYS, reloads wpn & +30% Fire dmg. SYS timer depletes 50% faster
BradluckYesWorld Drop+30% Loot Luck (lvl 40). Gain ‘Bradluck’ which applies a random bad effect every 8sThe test came back negative!
Frenzied WrathYesKnight MareOn kill, Companion dmg is increased by 20% for 15s. Stacks up to 5xAct erratically, and lash out at everything around us.
HarbingerYesWorld DropActivating an Action Skill instantly restores 50% of your Ward over 2 secondsI AM ASSUMING DIRECT CONTROL… of the situation.
Joint TrainingYesObsidian WyvernCrits give companion +80% crit chance for 6s. Companion crits give you +30% crit dmg for 6sGo for the eyes, Boo!
Overflow BloodbagYesDeath RattlerWhile HP is full, healing from Dark Magic increases Max HPAre you really not familiar with parabiosis?
Sacrificial SkeepYesMandiblonWhen HP is below 50%, summon a Sacrificial Skeep. 30s CooldownSkeepin’ it real.
TheurgeYesGrissom WhitmoreOn spell cast: -20% Action Skill Cooldown. +30% Spell dmg while Action Skill is on cooldownFor the Tome of the Holy.
Universal SoldierYesWorld DropMelee dmg has a 30% chance to instantly reload all equipped gunsI can do this all day.
Slip ‘N’ StunNot Confirmed+57% slide spead. Sliding leaves behind shock trail. After sliding, +34% next melee dmg as shockShocked it to ya.

How To Farm Them? – The best place to farm legendaries would be the chaos chambers for the legendaries termed world drop. We’ve mentioned the bosses that you have to defeat for the others. To farm the bosses, load into the map, take your strongest build and take down the boss. Once you’re done, go back to the main menu and repeat until you get what you want.

How To Unlock Ring Slot in Wonderlands?

Both the slots are unlocked by playing the story quests. Once you have reached a certain point in the story your first ring slot will unlock. For the second slot, you will have to beat the game.

We recommend that players in Wonderlands complete the game as fast as possible. Once you’ve reached level 40, you will only get drops of that level. So earning anything before that would not make sense, especially when some of the best weapons and legendaries are world drops.

Here’s what a Legendary looks like:

All Legendary Rings in Wonderlands – Drop Locations

Here is the list of all legendary rings available in the game. This can change with the announcement of DLCS:

NameWorld DropDrop LocationSummaryRed Text
Championship RingYesWorld DropDealing dmg to a boss increases effects [ring stats] by 100%Thank you for making red text, read text!
Class RingYesWorld DropWhile Action Skill is cooling down, effects [ring stats] are increased by 50%There’s no such thing as downtime in a good rotation.
Finger WardYesWorld DropWhile Ward is full, effects [ring stats] are increased by 100%I name you Warded of the Sorth.
Fingertip Pulse OximeterYesWorld DropWhile Health is less than 50%, effects [ring stats] are increased by 50%Hello Nurse!
Lethal CatchNot ConfirmedOn kill, increases effects [ring stats] by 25% for 8s. If killed enemy was a Land Shark or Crab, 100%WANTED: Dead not alive.
Mood RingYesWorld DropWhile Ward is not full, effects [ring stats] are increased 100%Wards are meant to be broken.
Promise RingYesWorld DropWhile Action Skill is ready, effects [ring stats] are increased 25%Wait for it…
Shell Casing RingYesWorld DropWhile equipped gun is low on ammo, effects [ring stats] are increased 50%Stop habitually reloading.
Silicone RingYesWorld DropWhile Health is above 50%, effects [ring stats] are increased by 25%Eat well and excercise.
Thumb CuffsYesWorld DropWhile in a Dungeon, effects [ring stats] are increased by 25%See that’s that privately owned prison, get your piece today.

All the legendary rings are world drops. So the best way to farm them would be to go to the boss that you can take down quickly. Chaos Chamber is another way to go, but that doesn’t work well until you reach level 40.

Which Ring or Amulet Should I Choose?

It would be best to always look out for Rings or Amulets that synergize well with your builds. You will get a lot of drops during your journey to the end of the game.

Wonderlands turned out to be a great game; while we didn’t expect the game to gather much attention at the start, the player base certainly picked up during the weekend. The game also has gathered raving reviews from critics.

This article is a work in progress, and data can change every day.

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