Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands: All Legendary Magic Spells & Drop Location

Last Updated on August 30, 2022

Magic Spells are the replacement for Grenades that we had in Borderlands. We had stated earlier that Wonderlands will focus more on abilities and spells.

Magic Spells drop as loot in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands and can be found in all rarities. The great thing about spells is that you can spam them similar to what we used to do in Borderlands 3. If you’ve got the right build, you can continue spamming spells with a very low downtime (seconds). Some spells also have multiple charges before they go into downtime.

There are four vendors for magic spells:

  • Arken
  • Conjura
  • Miraculum
  • Wyrdweaver

Legendary Spells in Wonderlands – Drop Location

Here’s what a spell looks like:

Barrelmaker of Doubling Down

Spell Stats

  • Damage
  • Critical Chance
  • Cooldown
  • Red Text

Now, that we know what a legendary spell looks like, let’s find out how you can farm them:

Arken Spells

NameWorld DropDrop LocationSummaryRed Text
BarrelmakerYesPigwartCasts exploding barrelI need your strongest barrels.
Threads of FateYesLissiaCasts very slow ball that threads to nearby enemies.Watch me unravel.

Conjura Spells

NameWorld DropDrop LocationSummaryRed Text
Arcane BoltYesC. Chamber MinibossCrit reduces cooldown of spellFrom thine fingy-tippers comes doom.
DazzlerNoChaos ChamberCrit reduces cooldown of spellFrom thine fingy-tippers comes doom.
Frozen OrbYesBarkenstein
Casts a large slow-moving orb that damages nearby enemies
Man, you came a long way for my orb.
Gelatinous CubeYesFrondstrocityCasts large cube that bounces sporadically, leaving poison pools every bounce. Explodes.The apotheosis is upon us.
Glacial CascadeYesChaos ChamberCasts surge of ice spikes from the ground in direction of castStick around.
MarshmallowNoChaos ChamberCasts marshmallow that explodes into [3] healing marshmallowsSomething that would never ever possibly destroy us.
ReviverYesMushroom HealerHeals allies and revives downed alliesI’m never going to physically recover from this.
SkullantirNoNext-Level / Chaotic Great EditionNext-Level / Chaotic Great EditionI hate you, too.
TwisterYesBansheeCasts swirl of two different elemental projectiles that pulls enemies inMoo.

Miraculum Spells

NameWorld DropDrop LocationSummaryRed Text
BuffmeisterYesWorld Drop OnlyAdds spell’s elemental dmg to attacks. Lasts for [__] seconds. 100% crit chanceAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH.

Wyrdweaver Spells

NameWorld DropDrop LocationSummaryRed Text
InflammationYesSharaConstant flamethrower blastIt’s not the heat… it’s the low flesh-melting point.
SawbladesYesWorld Drop OnlyCasts bouncing sawbladesWatch your fingers.
Time SkipNoChaos Chamber
Casts up to 5 floating projetiles that fire after spell is finished
Time keeps on slippin’, slippin’, slippin’

What are the best Magic Spells in Wonderlands?

I personally haven’t had the best luck myself when it comes to legendaries. Here are a few that I’ve tried and liked:

  • Barrelmaker of Doubling Down: Charge to throw a barrel towards the enemies. This barrel blows up and creates a huge AOE.
  • Inspiring Sawblades: Hold the spell key to spam sawblades coming out of your arms. Works great with SpellShot builds as they benefit from spamming abilities.
  • Threads of Fate: Casts a very slow ball that threads to nearby enemies.

You can also check legendary wards and legendary weapons guides that we have posted.

This article is a work in progress, and data can change every day.

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