Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands: All Legendary Wards & Drop Location

Last Updated on August 30, 2022

In Borderlands, we had shields that literally meant shields. Wards are Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands’ version of shields. Wards protect your character’s health from incoming damage; there are multiple rarity tiers, shield components, and bonuses to choose from.

Wonderlands has three manufacturers of Wards; Ashen, Pangoblin and Hyperius. Here is a brief of what they offer:

  • Ashen: Ashen Wards recharge quickly and generally have a low shielding capacity.
  • Pangoblin: High Capacity but slower recharge rate.
  • Hyperius: Have multiple effects that offer help in combat.

Many of you might wonder why I am not getting any legendaries in-game. I’ve played this game for 30-40 hours now, it turns out you won’t get any good drops until you’ve reached a certain level. For me, legendaries started dropping when I reached level 25. One more thing to remember is that even purple rarity wards (epic) are great in this game.

Update: Coiled Captors DLC Wards have been added to the table.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Legendary Wards – How To Farm

Here’s a Ward that dropped for me:

Stats to look out for:

  • Capacity
  • Recharge Delay
  • Recharge Rate
  • Resistance to elements
  • Red Text
  • Perks

Now, that we know what a legendary ward looks like, let’s find out how you can farm them:

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Legendary Wards (Shields)

There are 20 (unconfirmed) legendary wards that we have data on. Please keep in mind that the data presented here is gathered from different sources and is subject to change.

NameWorld DropDrop locationSummaryRed Text
AfterburnerYesWorld Drop Only
Ancient DeityYesSharaHear my words that I might teach you.
Bad EggYesMagical Splotch+20% Movement Speed. While Depleted: melee dmg deals +35% Dark Magic dmgThe Skux life chose us.
Bronco BusterYesWorld Drop OnlyWhile full, regenerate HPAfter this everything will be mere fuss.
CounterfeintDropped from DLC MissionOn Ward break, become untargetable & create a Shadow Dummy that Taunts nearby enemies for 5sGet ghosted!
Cursed WitYesRibulaWhile depleted, gain +17% dmg reduction & +100% dmg dealt to nearby enemiesKill him! He’s not that important anyways.
Full BatteryNoQR / Chaos ChamberWhile full, taking dmg strikes nearby enemy with Lightning BoltAnd you’re a sky of blue.
Hammer and AnvilYesBucket HeadWhen taking dmg while full, summons homing hammer that deals melee dmg & knockbackGive silent warning to all—wake him not.
Kinetic FrictionYesWorld Drop OnlyHealth regenerates while slidingFor your health!
Static ChargeYesWorld Drop OnlyWard regenerates while slidingI got raspberries on my knees!
Last GaspYesZomboss+25% Fire Rate. +20% Reload Speed. Regenerates ammo while depletedOnce more, unto the breach.
Maced WarduYesThe Great WightEnemies who melee Fatemaker while warded, take melee dmg based on equipped meleeHe’s too dangerous to be left alive.
Body RuneYesBunnidhoggKill restores 15% Max HP and you deal +20% bonus [element] dmg for short durationBONE FLESH TEETH!
Master RuneYesWorld Drop Only+25% Companion dmg
Mind RuneYesWorld Drop OnlyCasting a spell causes a [element] blast centred on a nearby enemy. Has short cooldownIf you can think of a better way to get ice, I’d like to hear it.
Spirit RuneYesWorld Drop OnlyWhile standing still,+20% S dmg & 0 Ward Regeneration DelayMy secret lonely world begins.
ShamwaiYesKing Q’urub+80% chance to Absorb bullets as Ammo. Drops an elemental puddle on breakDon’t let it get wet.
TransistorYesVorcanar+20% elemental dmg of last dmg type takenBoing fwip.
Trick MirrorNoChaos ChamberWhile Ward is not depleted, +75% chance to reflect bullets and arrows at enemiesMisdirection, Stan.
Undead PactNoZombossOn depletion, sends out 3 homing elemental skulls that shoot at enemiesIt always ends like this.
VampNo data available

Which Ward Should I Choose?

Wonderlands is just a few days old, so no one will be able to tell you which ward you should be choosing. Not many have even reached level 40 yet. So we might need some time to get builds out.

One thing you can do is read the texts written in the ward’s description and figure out if it synergizes well with the fatemaker you are using. You can read our guide on the best multiclasses.

The AAA titles’ launch hasn’t been great so far. There are issues like bad performance and crashing now and then. Gearbox doesn’t even have an official forum for the game setup yet, I don’t know what that means, but the game launch was undoubtedly rushed. Wonderlands doesn’t run well even on 3080 PCs. You can read our article on fixing performance issues to rectify this.

Keep in mind that this article is a work in progress, and data can change every day.

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