Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands: All Legendary Weapon Drop Locations

Last Updated on August 30, 2022

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, the Borderlands spinoff, is here. The game focuses more on spells and multi classes than the standard grenade spamming we had in other Borderlands games. Synergizing classes and carefully levelling up their skill tree is the way for end-game content.

Even if it’s a Borderlands spinoff, one thing that hasn’t changed is the looting aspect of the title. The looter shooter has hundreds of legendaries to choose from (if you get them). In this article, we have compiled the data from all over the web and presented it in table format for you to easily understand it.

Update: New DLC Coiled Captors‘ weapons have been added to the table.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Legendaries – How To Farm

Note: We have added world drop and boss name sections in the table for every legendary. If the boss name section is empty, the weapon hasn’t dropped for anyone from bosses yet.

Legendary Weapons

Update: Quad Bow and Thunder Anima have been added to the loot pool (via recent hotfix).

We have broken down the list further by their vendor names.

Skull Dugger

Type NameWorld DropBoss or Drop Location?
ARRogue ImpYesWorld Drop Only
ARThunder AnimaYesWorld Drop Only
PistolLiquid CoolingYesLissia
RPGBlue CakeYesC. Chamber Miniboss


TypeNameWorld DropBoss or Drop Location
ARQuad BowYesWorld Drop Only
PistolApexYesDragon Lord
PistolRuby’s SpiteYesMonstrous Shroom
SMGLive WireYesWorld Drop Only
SMGWhite RiderYesWastard
SniperSkeep ProdYesWorld Drop Only


TypeNameWorld DropBoss or Drop Location
SGCircuitus GyreChaos Chamber
SGRed HellionYesObsidian Wyvern
SMGBlazing VolleyYesWorld Drop Only
SMGWizard’s PipeYesParasite
SniperAntique/Used GreatbowYesThorne Shadow
SniperKao KhanYesMinibosses

Black Powder

TypeNameWorld DropBoss or Drop Location
ARCrossbolt GeneratorYesCaster … Skeleton
PistolCatatumboYesWorld Drop Only
PistolMasterwork HandbowYesCaptain Swallow
SGReign of ArrowsYesC.Chamber Miniboss
SniperCarrouserYesC.Chamber Miniboss
SniperEnvyYesKing Q’urub


TypeNameWorld DropBoss or Drop Location
PistolGluttonyYesDroll the Troll
PistolBoniface’s SoulYesMushroom Healer
SGDie-VergentNot ConfirmedDLC Playthrough
SMGBorea’s BreathNoRibula
SMGFragment RainYesC.Chamber Miniboss
SMGShadowfireYesMushroom Healer
SMGThrowable HoleNoChaos Chamber


TypeNameWorld DropBoss or Drop Location
PistolMessageYesWorld Drop Only
SGHawkins’ WrathNoChaos Chamber


TypeNameWorld DropBoss or Drop location
PistolQueen’s CryYesThe Maker
ARDonkeyNoDroll the Troll
ARLil K’s Bread SlicerYesWorld Drop Only
ARManual TransmissionNoVorcanar
RPGDelugeonNoChums or Wheel of Fate
SniperDry’l’s FuryYesDry’l
SniperPortable SawmillNoChaos Chamber

Legendary Melee Weapons

There are four vendors for Melee Weapons; Swift, Kleave, Valora and Bonk.

VendorNameWorld DropDrop Location
SwiftDiamondguard SwordYesC.Chamber Miniboss
RagnarokYesThe Maker
Twin SoulYesKnight Mare
KleaveGoblin PickaxeYesPigwart
Snake StickYesWorld Drop
ValoraFatebreakerYesDragon Lord
Mage StaffYesWorld Drop
Storm SurgeNoDry’l
Wailing BansheeYesBanshee
BonkFrying PanYesWorld Drop
Peg LegYesLeChance
PincushionYesWorld Drop
Slammin’ SalmonYesWorld Drop

I recently got the Frying Pan, and it’s a lot of fun to play with.

What are the Best Legendary Weapons

There are so many good weapons to choose from; here are a few that we’ve used and liked:

  • Manual Transmission
  • Borea’s Breath
  • Message
  • Frying Pan

There are other weapons in this list that might work well with your build. Some weapons benefit from crit; some benefit from status, so everything is situational. You can check our multiclass guide to find out the best classes in the game.

The AAA titles’ launch hasn’t been great so far. There are issues like bad performance and crashing now and then. Gearbox doesn’t even have an official forum for the game setup yet, I don’t know what that means but the game launch was undoubtedly rushed. The game doesn’t run well even on 3080 PCs. You can read our article on fixing performance issues to rectify this.

Keep in mind that this article is a work in progress, and data can change every day.

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