Warframe Baro Ki’Teer Location & Items This Week

Last Updated on October 4, 2019

Baro Ki’Teer also called the Void Trader makes his arrival in the warframe relays every second week. Upon his arrival, you will receive an mail in your inbox with his location. He stays for around 48 hours and leaves with his inventory.

To buy stuff from Baro Ki’Teer you need his currency called Ducats, Baro’s exclusive currency. You can obtain ducats by selling primed junk on his Ducat Kiosks.

  • Common: 15 Ducats
  • Uncommon: 45 Ducats
  • Rare: 100 Ducats

Baro’s Location This week

This section will be updated on his arrival

His Inventory Last Week

  • Fanged Fusillade
  • Vermillion Storm
  • Astral Twilight
  • Tempo Royale
  • Primed Cryo Rounds
  • Primed Heated Charge
  • Prisma Grinlok
  • Machete Wraith
  • Prisma Daedlus Armor
  • Domus Syandana
  • Ki’Teer Kavat Armor
  • Mirage Immortal Skin
  • 3 Day Affinity Booster
  • Orokin Tower Extraction Screen
  • Sands of Inaros Blueprint

This section will also be updated upon his arrival.

How To Farm a lot of Ducats?

Farming ducats is very easy, the only thing you need is a lot of relics. Once you have relics, pop those relics in endless missions and you’ll end up with a lot of prime junk. Selling all this prime junk is a tedious task, so it’s better to clean up your inventory by heading to Baro’s Kiosk located in every relay.

Making Platinum with Baro

Making Platinum with Baro Ki’Teer is very easy, whatever he brings stays for around 48 hours and there’s no surety that he will bring the same thing again for a while.

Once you have farmed a lot of Ducats, just go ahead and buy a lot of tradeable stuff from Baro that you can sell for higher prices later on. Once the prices are increased, list your stuff on warframe.market. While listing on Warframe Market, always make sure that the pricing of your item stays 1-2 platinum below the highest listing. This actually works quite well.

I used to hoard a lot of primed mods and max them since I had a lot of endo sitting around. The maxed mods go for a good price as well, around 200-250 per mod, which is good enough for starters.

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