Destiny 2 – How To Farm Retold Tale, God Rolls for PvP

Last Updated on January 26, 2022

There are many weapons in Destiny 2, with the ever-evolving meta shotguns have kept their place on top. The season of undying hit hand-cannon pretty hard, but I guess that’s for good. The game has to stay fresh, and with the hand-cannon dominated meta, this was required. Guns such as Dust Rock Blues, Not-Forgotten, Ace of Spades, Retold Tale, and Mindbenders Ambition are still dominating the crucible.

Retold Tale is the 65 RPM dreaming city exclusive shotgun, it’s a precision shotgun. One of the best in the game, I’d rank it best after Mindbender’s Ambition, which sits on top for the best PvP shotguns.

Retold Tale Stats

  • Type: Precision Frame
  • Impact: 70
  • Range: 69 (varies with rolls)
  • Handling: 41
  • Reload Speed: 47
  • Aim Assist: 75
  • Recoil: 64

The stats can vary with the rolls you get.

Retold Tale God Roll

The actual roll you should be looking for the Retold Tale is:

  • Full Choke – For tighter pellet spread. Rifled barrel is also good, but full choke offers more consistency.
  • Accurized Rounds – For the additional range.
  • Quickdraw – Immediately draw the shotgun
  • Snapshot Sights/Slideshot – Depends on choice, slideshot is better though. You can slide and 2 bullets will return to the magazine.
  • Mod Slot: Icarus Grip – Improved in-air accuracy.

Enough rambling about the meta and stuff, let’s find out how to farm the retold tale shotgun in Destiny 2.

How To Farm Retold Tale

The shotgun is Dreaming city exclusive and can be only obtained from there. Below is a list of things that you can do to obtain it.

  • Blind well bounties
  • Bounties from Petra Venj
  • Ascendant Challenge chest
  • Cat Statues (Small Gift)
  • Daily Challenges
  • Ada-1 Bounty for Dreaming City

RNG is involved here, so the chances are not guaranteed. You can try every week.

Can retold tale drop from menagerie?

No, only a few dreaming city weapons can be obtained from Menagerie. Retold tale is not one of them.

Is retold tale a good pvp shogun?

Yes, retold tale is a god-tier pvp shotgun

Can I obtain it from raids?

No, you cannot get it from raids, it only drops from the things that I mentioned in the article.

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