Brr-Zerker Class & Skill Tree Guide: Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Last Updated on March 24, 2022

Tiny tina arrives on March 25 as an epic games exclusive. The game follows the story forward from the Borderland 2 DLC “Assault on Dragon Keep”. Tiny Tina plays a tabletop game called “Bunker and Badasses” in that DLC. Wonderlands is based on that tabletop game. The game Director Will Cox had said that this game takes place right after Dragon Keep.

There are six classes in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. Like each Borderlands game, each class will excel at something while the other won’t. The first look at the Brrr-Zerker (can be pronounced Berserker) is that it will be a melee hero, and this might be my first choice as a hack and slash in a looter shooter, certainly fits the theme.

This article will break down the Class Abilities and the Skill tree. This article will be further updated with Builds and what skills to use when the game is released.


Class Feat: Rage of The Ancients

Become Enraged after using an Action Skill adding Frost doesn’tto attacks. Enrage duration doesn’t deplete while an Action Skill is active. Activating a skill when Enraged restores a portion of the Enrage Timer.

Active Skills

Wonderlands will be a skill/magic ability-based game, there will be no grenades.

Active Skill 1

Dread Wind – Spin around slashing nearby enemies. Grants increased Movement Speed & Slow immunity for a duration.

Active Skill 2

Feral Surge – Leap Towards target dealing Frost damage to all nearby enemies. Kill non boss enemies below a certain total HP percentage. Reset cooldown if the enemy is killed.

Brr-Zerker Skill Tree

Tier 1

  • Ancestral Frost: Increase Frost Damage (5x)
  • Savagery: Increase Melee Damage. Increase Engrage duration (5x)
  • Unyiedling: Regenerate % of Health over time. Effect doubled when Enraged (5x)

Tier 2

  • Icebreaker: Increase damage to Slowed & Frozen Enemies (3x)
  • The Old Ways: Increased Damage Reduction & Damage the closer you are to an enemy (5x)
  • Instinct: Reload & Weapon Swap Speed Increased. Effect doubled when Enraged (3x)

Tier 3

  • Cold Snap: Movement Speed & Frost Efficieny increased. Effect doubled when Enraged (3x)
  • Unarmored Defence: Reserve a portion of Ward to increase Max Health (1x)
  • Blood Frenzy: Kill Skill – Restore % of Enrage timer and Health on Enemy kill (3x)

Tier 4

  • Ancient Fury: Increase Max Health and Splash Damage (5x)
  • Relentless Rage: Damaging an enemy while in Save Your Soul extends its duration. Killing an enemy in Save Your Soul will activate Enraged (1x)

Tier 5

  • Blast Chill: When dealing Melee Damage chance to released a Frost Nova ability (1x)
  • Iron Squall: Increase Fire Rate and Melee Attack speed. Effect doubled when Enraged (5x)

Tier 6

  • Blood of the Fallen: Kill Skill – Reduce Action Skill cooldown on enemy kill. If Action Skill is already active, extend duration instead (1x)

What does 3x, 2x, 5x mean? – These are the points that you can put into any ability to level it up.

This might turn out to be one of my favourite classes. I love hacking and slashing enemies, and on top of that, you’ll get to Freeze them. The problem with melee heroes is that they face problems getting up close to enemies; the freezing ability will take care of that.

Best Build for Brr-Zerker

The game isn’t launched yet. Within 24 hours we’ll be able to play it. This section will be updated soon!

Are you excited about another looter shooter, I certainly am, hope this game turns out great!

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