Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Tier List – Best Classes & Multiclass

Last Updated on March 28, 2022

Tiny tina is out now as an epic games exclusive. The game follows the story forward from the Borderland 2 DLC “Assault on Dragon Keep”. Tiny Tina plays a tabletop game called “Bunker and Badasses” in that DLC. Wonderlands is based on that tabletop game.

The AAA title’s launch hasn’t been smooth exactly. There are performance issues in the game. Let’s not talk about that here. We’re here for Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Tier List.

There are six classes to choose from, anyone who is starting might begin to wonder which one should I go for. This article will sort out classes by their abilities to withstand end-game content depending on your skill tree build.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Tier List

Please keep in mind that their lists are subjective and can also change with hotfixes and patches. These classes can be made end-game viable depending on how much work you can put into farming the right gear.

Tier SSpore Warden
Tier AGraveborn
Tier BClawbringer

Spore Warden: Spore Warden is the best gun user in the game. This class also has one of the lowest cooldowns on their abilities. It also synergizes well with the Strongest Enchants. This will be the best pick to go for right away.

Spellshot: Dual spells, that’s all I have to say for this class. In a gunfight, Spore Warden will beat Spellshot, but when it comes to spells, spellshot will excel—living up to his name. Many YouTubers also termed it better than Spore Warden, but everyone can have their opinions.

Graveborn: Multiclass it right away with another class of your liking. Graveborn lacks survivability which will be the only factor keeping it away from the higher tier. For example, Graveborn summoner would be an excellent option for those going for this class.

Stabbomancer: Stabbomancer can be termed as the damage-dealing version of Graveborn. This class also lacks survivability; the whole skill tree has many damage skills. You can pair it with another class of your liking since Stabbomancer’s starting skills have damage enhancement perks.

Brr-Zerker: Great option when paired with the right class. Cryo damage is one of the best in this game and this class focuses on that. Also, is a great tank to have in your team.

Clawbringer: Clawbringer is one of the only characters that I wouldn’t spec all the way down. You can pair it with another class for fun, but the class isn’t that great right now.

Best Multiclass in Wonderlands?

I still haven’t figured out what class I will be maining. But my choice would be Spore Warden/Spellshot. What could be more fun than that, running around gunning enemies down and constantly spamming abilities?

Spore Warden and Brr-Zerker

Should be the most popular choice of all the players in Wonderlands. Pairing Spore Warden and Brr-Zerker will certainly create some powerful synergies. Not to forget, Brr-zerker the “Rage of the Ancients” class feat that will give you extra Frost Damage.

Brr-Zerker and Graveborn

Brr-Zerker is the tank amongst all classes. Pairing it with Graveborn makes it a melee powerhouse on top of granting him magic damage. Players can utilize Graveborn’s life stealing abilities to enhance Brr-zerker’s gameplay.

Spellshot and Graveborn

I have initially thought of going with Spore Warden and Spellshot. But since both of my teammates were using it, I switched to Spellshot. Now I am using Spellshot and Graveborn. Spellshot as the name says is focused more on Spells, Graveborn’s skill tree enhances these skills.

Spore Warden and any other class

You can pair Spore Warden with basically any other class. This Tier S character pairs well with almost all characters in the game.

I like to start with the strongest class to clear enemies and focus more on the lore side of the games. Hence the choice.

This article is a work in progress and will be updated with more information soon!

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