Cyberpunk Audio Bug – Fix Crackling Sound / Noises

Last Updated on December 10, 2020

Cyberpunk Audio Bug – Fix Crackling Sound / Noises – Some users on Reddit and CD Projekt Red Forums are reporting issues related to Audio where you will hear crackling noises. In this article, we will find out a fix for the same so that you can enjoy your game to the fullest.

Cyberpunk 2077 is a title that needs no introduction, everyone in the gaming world knows about this title from CD Projekt Red. The main reason why everyone has high hopes from this game is the game is built by the same studios behind the Witcher 3. The game has been in the works since 2012, there has been numerous delays, the release date has been pushed a bunch of times already. However, the day has come, the game is finally released.

Similar to every AAA title, this game is not free from problems. Initial reviews and impressions have detailed that there are issues in the game, bugs and weird things that we’ll report as we’ll find out. Problems aren’t exactly new for AAA titles, problems are known to arise since developers can’t test the games on a huge set of machines. The configuration of every PC is so different that the developers cannot actually test everything. That’s why developers take reports and push patches in the following days.

How To Fix Cyberpunk Audio Bug

The Fix is actually very easy.

  • Go To Control Panel
  • Click on Sound Settings
  • Now, click on your default playback device
  • Click on Advanced Tab
  • Change the Default Format to “96000Hz”

This will take care of the crackling sound issue in Windows PCs.

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