D2 Season 19: Trials of Osiris Armor & Weapons

Last Updated on December 5, 2022

Season 19 Armor & Weapons in Trials of Osiris: If you’re looking for some competitive action, the Trials of Osiris is the mode for you. The stakes are high, and the rewards are worth it. Winning a match will net you some powerful gear, and reaching the end of the trials will award you with Osiris loot. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start dominating your opponents!

Like every season, we have new weapons for the Trials of Osiris. This time we are getting two new weapons you can get from the pinnacle activity.

Players must know they must own the latest DLC to access the Trials of Osiris. You also need to get to level 1520 before you can unlock Trials by heading to Saint-14. Saint-14 is the vendor that handles everything from bounties and rewards for all trials activities.

Trials of Osiris Season 19

This is what I know about S19 changes in trials so far:


Leaving the loot pool:

New Additions:

  • Exalted Truth Suros Adaptive Hand Cannon + Adept 
  • Unwavering Duty Suros Adaptive Machine Gun + Adept

I won’t be too sad about Aisha’s Embrace and Reed’s Regret leaving the loot pool; I think most of the community will have a similar feeling. However, a Trials hand cannon? I’m all up for it.

Here are the weapons that are staying:

  • Whistler’s Whim Bow + Adept
  • Forgiveness Sidearm + Adept 
  • The Inquisitor (Adept) Shotgun + Adept 
  • Burden of Guilt Fusion Rifle + Adept


This section will be updated soon!

There’s not much information available about Season 19 yet. During previous seasons, there were leaks and updates from community managers about upcoming content, but now Bungie has moved to complete stealth mode. They should have used the new content to build up hype for the game, whose player base is crashing like anything.

What are your thoughts on the weapons we’re getting in Season 19? Are you going to grind?

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