Destiny 2: A Brilliant Smile Triumph, How To Brush Your Teeth

Last Updated on October 31, 2019

There are multiple triumphs to collect for the Festival of the Lost event. Out of these, one is called A Brilliant Smile, where you have to literally brush your teeth to progress. This might sound self-explanatory, but it certainly isn’t. We don’t have brushes yet.

Let’s find out how to complete this triumph, and get our triumph score going.

A Brilliant Smile Triumph

Step 1 – In order to complete this triumph, you have to complete a quest. When you complete your first run of the Haunted Forest, visit Eris Morn, she will give you a small box of raisins. The Description is “Aficionados of Eath culture lurking on the Tangled Shore might get a kick out of it”, this means you have to visit Spider on the Tangled Shore.

Once you are on tangled shore, give Spider a visit. Then he will award you with the Even handed quest. This quest requires you to taken down 12 Fallen, Scorn, Hive and Cabal. After this is complete you will be rewarded Winged Chew.

Step 2 – Take the Winged Chew given to Ana Bray, she’s located on Mars. Now she will also give you a quest, this quest requires you to take down 10 enemies, with Kinetic, Energy and Power weapon each.

After completing Ana’s Quest, head back to her and she will give you Unchocolate.

Step 3 – Head to Asher Mir on IO and give him the Unchocolate. Now, Asher Mir will give you a task to take down 10 Taken and Vex enemies with precision blows on IO. Upon completion, head back to him and collect the “Celery” Reward.

Step 4 – Now, this Celery has to be given to Brother Vance on Mercury. Brother Vance will ask you to take get 10 Arc, Solar and Void kills, after completion collect Splice Drops as rewards.

Step 5 – Take Splice Drops to Failsafe on Nessus. Here you have to get 5 ability kills against Fallen, Vex, and Cabal on Nessus. After completion, you will get Salted Sweets.

Step 6 – Take Salted Sweets to Devrim Kay, which is located on Trostland, EDZ. Here you will have to get five finishers against Fallen, Cabal and Taken. Upon completion, you will get the Sour Engram.

Step 7 – Deliver the Sour Engram from Devrim to Petra Venj on the Dreaming City. Her location keeps on changing, so find out using the map where she is. After giving her the Sour Engram, she will ask you to get 10 Super Kills, 5 Grenade Kills and 5 Melee Kills. Return back to her upon completion to collect “Sugar Engram”.

Step 8 – Head to Titan, and take the Sugar Engram to Sloane. She will also give you a quest, this quest is to get kills in Arboretum, Festering Halls and Solarium. Pretty easy, just eliminate enemies until the bar reaches 100%. Return to Sloane and collect “Void Fizz” upon completion.

Step 9 – Back to where we started. Give the “Void Fizz” to Eris Morn on Moon. Eris will ask you to dance for her, after that, you will be rewarded a Goody bag and a Toothbrush. To use the Toothbrush, open up your inventory, and find the toothbrush, hold F on it and it will be used.

This will complete the “A Brilliant Smile” Triumph.

The quest revolves around taking gifts to different vendors on the system.

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