Destiny 2: Final Ghost Location To Complete Luna’s Lost

Last Updated on October 30, 2019

Final Ghost Location To Complete Luna’s Lost – With the arrival of the new Dungeon, we can finally complete the Luna’s Lore book. Completing it was impossible since there was no information available about it until yesterday. People have already completed their lore books for obtaining the “Lunar Memorial Emblem”.

In order to complete the Lore Book, guardians have to complete all the triumphs inside it. However, the last one was hidden until now. People kind of figured it out that it will be tied to the “Pit of Heresy” Dungeon. Yes, it is.

Let’s find out where the final ghost is located.

Final Ghost Location To Complete Luna’s Lost

In order to complete this, you first have to unlock the Dungeon. The Last Ghost is located inside the Dungeon.

Once you have reached the Ogre Encounter, start by making your way to the left side. Keep moving forward until you reach a pit with green aura around it, you will also find a skeleton inside. Hug the ledge and now look over it, there will be another ledge that you can jump onto. Continue down towards the newly found path until it ends. Now, if you have the ghost trace sitting in your inventory then you will be able to see a white glow of the ghost right by the cliff.

It’s tricky when you do it for the first time, but once you are done with the dungeon run once, this will be easy. Happy Triumph Hunting guardians, hope you have a good one!

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