(Updated) Destiny 2: 15th Wish Triumph, Solution – What is it?

Last Updated on November 6, 2019

There are multiple wishes triumphs, there’s one for all 15 wishes. Only 14 were available till now, the last one has been finally found with the recent update. This might not be a big deal for most, but for triumph hunters this is important and this one might be somewhat connected to the lore as it says “This one you shall cherish.”

In this article, I will be covering all updates related to the Fifteenth Wish for the Dreaming City.

15th Wish Triumph, Solution

Update 11-06-2019: Bagel just completed the Shattered Throne after reaching Level 999 but nothing actually happened. Players are kind of disappointed as there was excitement among everyone, everyone wants to know about the Dreaming City true ending.

Unfortunately, the “Fifteenth Wish” cannot be claimed yet. The description says that the players must reach level 999 and defeat Dul Incaru (Shattered Throne Final boss). This must be done is a one-man fireteam, upon completion, the true ending of Dreaming City will unlock.

Reaching Level 999 is possible at the moment, only if you have leveled up your Artifact. This includes a lot of grind. I am not sure about what the number is but the season level has to be 150+.

Upon completion, something might happen as it says that this will unlock the secrets of Dreaming City. There might be a emblem as well.

People are also working on the Spider Vision triumph that hasn’t been unlocked.

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