Destiny 2 – Spider Vision Festival of the Lost Secret Triumph Guide

See a Spider Vision (See a Spider) Festival of the Lost Secret Triumph – There are multiple triumphs that you have to collect in order to complete the whole Festival of the lost triumph book. The triumph hunters are busy finding out what the last secret triumph which shows up as redacted is. However, no one has been able to find it yet.

So far people have done 100 runs of the Haunted Forest, completed almost every activity while wearing the masks, hunted all candies in Tower, completed the Xenophage quest. But that doesn’t unlock secret triumph. This might be the longest the community has taken to figure out a hidden triumph.

Update: The Triumph has been found

See a Spider Festival of the Lost Secret Triumph

How To Get the Triumph: To Get the triumph you need the new consumable from Eva Levante called “Festival Charm”. After obtaining it head to Haunted Forest, and consume the festival charm and shoot a few enemies, this will give you the Spider vision triumph. Make sure you are wearing any of the festival of the lost masks.

Update #2: Looks like you can complete any activity after buying the consumable from Eva. Make sure you are wearing the mask though.

The triumph says “see a spider in your sights”, this is certainly spooky and has to do something with the haunted forest. Or maybe the tower? where is this spider located, it’s not the Spider on Tangled Shore, I ticked that one out. Maybe you have to find it using the Braytech werewolf, by aiming at something? – I am not sure yet.

What is your theory and what have you tried till now? – I have tried almost everything that I have written above. 

Don’t worry we still have many days to figure this out. Until then go your random rolls for Braytech WerewolfChocolate Strange Coins and Candy.

There’s a lot to look out for this week; The New Dungeon for Xenophage questBraytech Auto Rifle, I’ve already written a full-guide on obtaining everything along with their sources.

Updated: November 12, 2019 — 11:52 pm


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  1. have tried looking through xenophage at the beginning of the dungeon inc ase xenophage coudl se the spiders that you only see shadows of..but no luck

    also tried same thing in the haunted forest

  2. It probably has to do with matching the symbols on the trash bags to the symbols on the glowing carved pumpkins near the interactable NPCs.

  3. What about running the haunted forest while ascendant???

  4. Is spider in the pit of Hershey?

  5. Has anyone tried putting their gun sights on the spider that is in the new dungeon?

  6. i have been told that you have to do the haunted forest with an eris mask on and you have a chance of a spider crawling on your screen

    1. I was thinking you battle a spider if you finish 9 branches with time still remaining?

    2. I’ve done several runs with the Eris mask and braytech werewolf and nothing

    3. Any co formation to this?

  7. When you go into the new dungeon with a mask on you can see a spider’s shadow that moves pretty quickly in a couple of parts but unfortunately I have not been able to see the spider that is creating the shadow. Has anyone else seen this?

  8. Has no one noticed the giant spider on the gate at the top of the red tower in the red tower strike?

  9. i got dialogue from Evelevante saying “slain any bugs lately” if that helps.

  10. if the “Update: The Triumph has been found” what do you have to do?

  11. Something Amanda says in the tower is interesting – “Tell Ikora that her package has arrived, and he seems very hungry” second phrase “Listen, if you see a creature with many tentacles and a bunch of eyes, tell me. And then Ikora and I are tired of chasing him across the Hangar 6″

  12. It’s good to put an update saying the triumph has been found, but it’s better to say how

  13. Triumph has been found…. BUT WHAT IS IT?!? T_T I feel like I’ve tried everything but can’t get it. T_T

  14. I ve noticed a shadow of a spider crawling across the floor after falling 2 levels down into the pit of heresy. This in a cavern before u get to the overlook where u can plant the banner im checking it out now.

  15. Maybe a random roll of the Braytech werewolf where it has a spider shaped reticule when you aim possibly? Idk just guessing.

  16. Just got spider vision running Haunted Forest…a spider appears on your screen. ~~JoeDamage~~

  17. a team of us were running Crucible and the triumph completed popped up on all our screens. we were running Twilight Gap. i was wearing the Eris mask at the time.

  18. Just ran through one time after reset and completed spider vision. All I did was open a chest? I did have the Eris mask on but I never saw anything?

    1. Yes, that is how the triumph is completed.

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