Destiny 2: How To Get Chocolate Strange Coins Easily

Last Updated on October 31, 2019

If you are running short of Strange Coins in Destiny 2, then worry no more. This guide will help you.

Chocolate Strange coins are required by Eva Levante, for exchange of these she provides you with the Festival of the Lost masks that you can wear.

How To Get Chocolate Strange Coins Easily

Strange Coins on Vex Event Completion

The only way as of now to obtain Chocolate Strange coins is by completing the bounties that Eva Levante gives you. You need a total of 150 Strange coins in order to obtain all the masks. The last bounty is the one that you can complete unlimited times, but it costs 3000 glimmer.

Turns out you can get Chocolate Strange coins for completing any activity in the world. I was doing quite a few of these, and upon completion, you will be given a few Chocolate Strange Coins. I completed the Vex public event on Nessus and was awarded two.

So to sum it up, you can get the coins from

  • Haunted Forest
  • Eva Levante Bounties
  • Haunted Forest Hidden Chests
  • Completing Activities
  • Crucible Matches Giving around 4 Strange Coins Per run
  • Vanguard Strikes Giving around 5 Strange Coins Per run

I was also able to get around 3-4 per run from the Crucible. This shouldn’t be hard if you repeat any activity of your liking until you have sufficient of this resource.

Among all these the easiest one will be completing activities and Haunted Forest till the duration of this event. Make sure you are wearing the mask or you will miss out on anything that you’d be getting.

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