Destiny 2: Beat Lightbearer Knight, How To Take Down Ghost

Last Updated on March 3, 2022

Destiny 2 Witch Queen update is here. This update brings a lot of much-awaited content for the guardians. The quests so far look fantastic, and hearing from the threads on Reddit; it’s a long one.

During the main quest, “The Arrival”, you will encounter a “Lightbearer Knight” that you have to defeat. The main thing to do here is, take down the Ghost after defeating the knight. If you don’t beat the Ghost right away, the enemy will spawn again. You will also have to keep repeating this if the Ghost is not taken down.

The fight is confusing at first, after taking the enemy down for the first time your Ghost will instruct you to defeat the knight’s Ghost. This mission is called beat the lucent knight.

How to Beat Lucent Hive Knight

  • First take down the Lightbearer Knight
  • He will respawn, after taking the enemy down for the first time your ghost will tell you to go near the enemy’s death spot. This is where your ghost inspects and instructs you.
  • Take the enemy down again.
  • To defeat the ghost, go to the knight’s death spot. The ghost will not take damage from your weapons. You will have to perform a finisher.
  • Press G to perform a finisher on the ghost and take it down.

That’s how you have to take down the Lightbearer Knight. This Hive Knight will also use void supers and throw shields which will take you down in an instant. This is something new and tells us that we’ll be seeing more enemies using Guardian supers soon.

After doing this, a portal will open up:

This is pretty simple, if you hear all the instructions given by your Ghost, you will breeze through the mission.

The Witch Queen update has already rolled out and can be downloaded via Steam. The size of the update was around 21 GB for PC users. Unfortunate for the PS4 users, they won’t be able to preload the update due to some issue. However, Bungie has stated that the update will be available as soon as the weekly reset hits.

Season 16, Season of the Risen, will run for three months. The raid will also be unlocked soon, we will cover all of that here. For more Destiny 2 articles go here.

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