Modern Warfare/Warzone High CPU Usage – Is there a fix?

Last Updated on January 12, 2022

Modern Warfare High CPU Usage – Even after the huge update that was dropped yesterday by the developers, the game is still full of problems. There are lagging issues, dev errors, and Direct X crashes.

Let’s find out if there’s a fix.

Modern Warfare/Warzone High CPU Usage – Is there a fix?

Update: Here’s how you can fix the issue

Use Process Lasso to limit CPU usage

For some reason, the game’s priority is set to high or above normal by default due to which the CPU usage is spiking. This is also leading to lags in other apps such as discord.

Process Lasso is a software that helps you in limiting the CPU usage of a particular app. Download the software and use it accordingly, I was able to drop my CPU usage by almost 20% after using the software. Also, try switching between hyperthreading on/off, this also has a considerable improvement.

You can also turn the priority down by the steps given below.

Turn Down Game Priority

  • Press CTLR + Shift + ESC to open task manager
  • Find The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and right-click > go to details
  • Now right-click on the process’s .exe file and set priority to “normal”.

Turn off The Second Monitor

Anyone who is trying to run the game with two monitor setups is getting dev errors and constant crashes. Turn the second monitor off while playing the game until the developer fixes it.

The article has been updated with inputs from Reddit user Im_Baggy.

There is no known culprit which is leading to the spike in CPU usage. Only a few users are reporting about this. I myself had no CPU usage problem. You can try toning the game settings by using this guide. Since the culprit is unknown finding a fix or troubleshooting it becomes difficult. Activision is recommending all users to submit reports using their client, so that is what I recommend you do.

I am actively looking for solutions to this problem and will be updating this article. Stay tuned!

Modern Warfare is gathering raving reviews from every single gaming publication. This might be one of the best Call of Duty games ever made, both the multiplayer and the story mode is great. Have you been playing the game lately? – Do comment below and let us know

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14 thoughts on “Modern Warfare/Warzone High CPU Usage – Is there a fix?”

  1. When i change the priority to normal, it doesnt help. And if i reopen the game its back on high priority. and still 100% cpu usage on a decent pc.

  2. My cpu runs at 80 to 100% while my gpu runs at 4% I dont have this issue with any other game and I play vr alot. CPU i5 9600k GPU rtx 2060

  3. Hey everyone, I applied two changes that fixed my cpu from maxing out when playing modern warfare. Firstly, I ensured hyperthreading was turned on (only if you have an intel i7 processor). Turned it off previously to optimize another game months ago. This can be done in the bios, just play around the cpu setting area until you find hyperthreading, then enable it. Also when rebooting, i had a windows 10 update (been out of the game for a while). Cant be for sure which fixed it, but i am assuming turning on the hyperthreading worked.

  4. Dude, my i5 – 4670 is getting its butt kicked! even though it says my cpu can handle the game via activision’s system requirements for the game. Game is poorly optimized plan and simple, feel they accommodated console’s when created this game.

  5. Turning Discord to disable Hardware Acceleration, setting the priority to Normal and then checking the disable full screen optimization boxes worked for me. I hope this combination helps you all too.

  6. On Windows 7, “Disable Fullscreen Optimizations” isn’t an option in the properties’ compatibility section. Is there another option that should be checked?

  7. i5-7500 gtx 1050 ti oc 16gb memory barley able to run it i,m haveing to use proccess lasso to stabalize or balance the cpu not 100% but works from time to time


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