How To Get Komodo-4FR (Crucible Ritual Weapon) – Season of Dawn Destiny 2

Last Updated on December 11, 2019

Ritual weapons are the new pinnacle weapons. Pinnacle weapons were overpowered and needed tuning from time to time, that is why the Bungie got rid of them. Don’t get me wrong, you can still get the older ones, it’s just that they won’t be adding any new ones anymore.

The last season’s pinnacle weapon was Randy’s Throwing Knife, thanks to that quest, the crucible was full of people camping in the end of maps trying to click heads. It was horrible. This season’s Ritual weapon is Komodo-4FR, a linear fusion rifle.

How To Get Komodo-4FR (Crucible Ritual Weapon)

To get the quest, head to Zavala and collect the quest from him. The quest requires you to get 125 final blows with a linear fusion rifle and 15 precision final blows. After that, you have to reach Glory Rank “Heroic”, don’t confuse Glory rank with Valor, Glory is rank gained from competitive.

Reaching Heroic won’t take long, thanks to the changes made with the shadowkeep update. You won’t lose any points until you reach 2100 points that is fabled.


  • Use Arbalest for completing the final blows
  • Use titan middle to 1-hit guardians

We will be posting our detailed review on how this gun works in PvE and PvP. Stay tuned for that.

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