What We Survive Iron Banner Quest Guide – Witch Queen

Last Updated on March 15, 2022

Witch Queen or Season of the Risen’s first Iron Banner is here. As usual, Lord Saladin has a quest available for us which we have to complete. The quest is called What We Survive and can be collected from him from the Tower.

Guardians like me are always looking out for the Iron Banner week. I am half decent at PvP and this is one activity where I can easily fight against the try-hards that only play PvP because in normal cases they are under-levelled. Iron Banner is one of the two activities where your power level impacts the amount of damage you deal.

Season of the Risen’s Crucible is full of Hunters that will come out of nowhere using their invisibility and hit you and disappear again. This is frustrating to see the least, I am certainly going to take my revenge on these hunters, thanks to Iron Banner and Lord Saladin for making their timely comeback.

Enough about Iron Banner, let’s find out what the quest is and how to complete it.

What We Survive Iron Banner Quest

Step 1

During Season of the Risen, defeat opponents, capture zones, and defeat opponents with Void or Solar final blows.

  • Defeat 30 Guardians
  • Capture 10 Zones
  • 15 Void/Solar Final Blows

The first step is pretty easy to follow through.

Step 2: Blood for Bread

During Season of the Risen, complete Iron Banner Matches, Capture Zones and Defeat Opponents with Hand cannon final blows.

  • Hand Cannon Final Blows: 15
  • Complete Matches: 6
  • Capture Zones: 20

Another easy step that shouldn’t take long.

Step 3: Lessons Well Learned

During Season of the Risen, defeat opponents, capture zones, and defeat opponents with Sniper Rifle or Glaive Final blows.

  • Sniper Rifle/Glaive Kills: 10
  • Capture Zones: 30
  • Guarians Eliminated: 100

Step 4: Iron Will

During Season of the Risen, defeat opponents with Supers, capture zones, and defeat opponents with Sword or melee final blows.

  • Super Eliminations: 15
  • Capture Zones: 40
  • Sword/Melee Kills: 5

Step 5: A Story Told

Return to Lord Saladin and claim your reward.

I am playing the quest myself, will be updating this soon!

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