Best Legendary Loot Farming Locations – Borderlands 3

Last Updated on October 15, 2019

Farming is an essential part of the game and obtaining the best loot is always fun. However, every build requires a set mod, grenade and skill tree to begin with. When I started back in September, I had trouble finding the right farming locations to get the best loot for myself.

I have done a lot of testing and after playing this game for hundreds of hours I have compiled this list of best enemies/bosses that you can take down to farm legendaries.

Best Legendary Loot Farming Locations

Note: Most of the guns in the game are world drops which makes it difficult to farm something specific. However, I’d recommend you to enable TVHM mode (after completing story) and play in at least Mayhem 2 for the best possible chances of getting legendary drops from every enemy and boss that you kill.

Farming Graveward for Legendary Loot

This boss is one of my favorites for farming legendaries, with the right Moze and FL4k builds, you can take down this boss with ease. The boss can drop any legendary in the game, but since there are no guarantees of farming this particular gun we’d recommend you to head to this boss. As mentioned earlier, if you’re playing in TVHM mode, you shouldn’t have trouble farming legendaries.

Farm Chupacabratch Mini-Boss

Another great place to farm for legendaries is the Chupacabratch mini-boss. If you’ve played the storyline already, I am pretty sure you’ve encountered this boss at some point. Chupacabratch is located on Athenas in the Cemetry near the Brewery.

The boss is really easy to take down, just take a powerful gun such as The Butcher and melt him. Reload map and repeat, keep doing this until you get what you want.

Farm Loot Tinks

Loot tinks are a great way of farming legendaries, I myself was able to obtain many legendaries when I started. However, the efficiency has been toned down after the nerfs made by Gearbox.

There’s a workaround though, just load the game in offline mode and you’ll have the same pre-nerf efficiency. Many people don’t know about this, but the game works exactly fine in offline mode.

Duplicate Legendaries

I was not lucky enough to get this gun for myself, so I had to use a friend. What the trick is, you need to disable cloud-saving for Borderlands 3. Make a duplicate of your borderlands 3 save file and load into the game and drop the gun for one of your buddies. After that quit the game and replace the save file with the old one. This way you both have Rowan’s call.

The only downside to this method is that you are removing the only fun element of the game, farming and getting that meaty loot.

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