Clawbringer Class & Skill Tree Guide: Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Last Updated on March 24, 2022

Clawbringer is one of the six classes that we have in Wonderlands. This hammer hero has a companion called Wyvern that helps you take down enemies. This class focuses on Fire and Lightning Damage. The Dragon Aura buffs team’s fire damage. You can throw your hammer at enemies and hurl lightning towards them or slam it on the ground to create a massive fire nova.

Here’s the description of Clawbringer right from 2k’s page: The Clawbringers are an order of warriors who seek to bring Heroism to the Wonderlands through fire and thunder. While it has long been rumoured that Clawbringers are born with dragon blood in their veins, our legal scholars can neither confirm nor deny such blatant hearsay. You know what? Let’s just talk about the game mechanics.

Let’s find out what the abilities and skill tree looks like for Clawbringer:

Clawbringer Class & Skill Tree

Class Feat: Wyvern Companion

Gain a Wyvern Companion that can fly & attack with its claws and Fire Breath. Any increase to your damage will also apply to your Companions.

Active Skills

Cleansing Flames

Summon Hammer and slam it on the ground dealing Melee Damage. Creates a Fire Nova dealing Fire Ability Damage to nearby enemies.

Storm Dragon’s Judgement

Throw Hammer dealing Lightning Ability Damage to all enemies it hits. Deal Lightning Melee Damage where it lands in an area until recalled or the skill expires.

Clawbringer Skill Tree

Tier 1

  • Oath of Fire: Bonus Fire Damage with Guns and Wyvern Companion (5x)
  • Radiance: Increase Maxium Ward Capacity (5x)
  • Oath of Thunder: Bonus Lightning damage with Melee Attacks & Wyvern Companion (5x)

Tier 2

  • Dragon Aura: Gain a Dragon Aura that grants hero and allies with extra Elemental Damage (5x)
  • Dedication: Increase Action Skill Cooldown Rate (Higher Ward provides greater bonus) (5x)
  • Rebuke: Damage Reduction from all attacks. Allies near hero gain chance to deflect damage back as Lightning Damage (5x)

Tier 3

  • Blastamut’s Favor: Kill Skill – Killing an enemy with a Gun summons a Fire Orb. Killing an enemy with Melee damage summons a Lightning Orb (1x)

Tier 4

  • Fire Bolt: Increased Gun Damage and Wyvern occasionaly shoots Fire Bolts (1x)
  • Friend to Flame: Wyvern Companion gains increase damage (5x)
  • Storm Breath: Increase Damgage Reduction & Wyvern occasionally uses Lightning Breath (1x)

Tier 5

  • AWE: Fire Damage dealt has a chance to be dealt as crit damage. Dealing Lightning Damage also has a chance to be dealt as crit damage.
  • Indomitable: When downed, instaed refill Ward and Deal bonus Lightning damage for a short period. Skill has a long cooldown (1x)

Tier 6

Storm Smite: Activating an Action Skill will call down Elemental Bolts that deal Fire Ability Damage or Lightning Ability Damage to enemies.

What does 3x, 2x, 5x mean? – These are the points that you can put into any ability to level it up.

Best Build for Clawbringer

The game isn’t launched yet. Within 24 hours we’ll be able to play it. This section will be updated soon!

Until then you can tinker around using the Skill Tree Builder to find the perfect build for your class.

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