Destiny 2 – Fix Weasel, Beaver & Chicken Error

Last Updated on October 3, 2019

Destiny 2 – How To Fix Weasel, Beaver & Chicken Error – Ever since the release of Shadowkeep people have been facing issues while trying to connect to the servers. Whenever you get out of the waiting queue, you are put right back in after one of these errors come up.

Why is this happening?

The Destiny 2 servers are loaded with the influx of new players. Bungie did three big things at once; the launch of Shadowkeep, migration of player data & Steam launch. They’ve already said that they were not expecting this number of players hopping into the game. The game had over 200,000 people trying to log in at once.

How To Fix Destiny 2 Errors

Almost all the errors in the game are caused due to networking issues, problems with your computer or something to do with Bungie’s servers. We’ve explained all the errors below, continue reading to find out.

Fix Beaver Error

Out of all the errors, Beaver is the most annoying one. The beaver error is caused by a failure when you’re trying to connect to some other player. This happens when you or your friend has problems with their connection. This can be anything; Packet loss, network congestion or NAT issues.

Fix Weasel Error

Bungie has written on their error codes page; Players who are trying to simultaneously log in to multiple platforms with cross-save enabled will encounter this error.

If the earlier one is not your case, then Bungie recommends you to check your internet connection. Since this error is mostly caused due to network problems, if not a cross-save conflict.

Fix Olive Error

There are no known issues that cause this error to pop up. Retrying the activity is what we recommend. If you keep on encountering this again, try restarting your launcher along with the game. This should fix it if it doesn’t hop onto Bungie’s support and they’ll help you out.

If Bungie is testing anything, or some new update is dropped. These errors seem to appear a lot, either the servers are loaded or there’s some networking issue. To keep an eye on the problems just head to and follow @BungieHelp for updates.

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