Destiny 2: How To Farm Candy Easily – Festival of The Lost

Last Updated on October 30, 2019

Festival of the lost has arrived and people are busy looking for Xenophage exotic machine gun and Braytech Auto Rifle. Grinding is going to be long and you need a lot of candy to obtain most of the things.

First things first, you’ll have to Talk to Eva to start your Festival of the Lost journey. She will ask you to buy a mask, once you buy the mask, equip it and start running the activities.

How To Farm Candy Easily

There are no easy ways to farm candy easily, but there are efficient ways for sure. Below are the things you can do:

You need to wear the mask while completing any activity. Upon killing enemies you will be rewarded with the candy.

Complete Haunted Forest – Complete as many branches as you can, taking a fireteam with you makes the process even easier. Kill enemies and go around collecting the candy that they drop. Each enemy that you kill won’t drop the candy, but those who do will have a blue thing drop from them (this is the candy). An efficient run will net you around 400-500 per 40-50 minutes which is good enough, so you need around two hours to get the candy required for Braytech Auto Rifle.

Any Public Event – Just wear the mask and complete any activity in the world. You will be provided with Candy.

This article is a work in progress.

Destiny 2 Haunted Forest Location – The Festival of Lost is upon us, Eva Levante has returned to the Tower with her goods and the new quest. Festival of the Lost is Destiny 2’s version of the Halloween event. Similar to most quests and events, players are required to grind someplace. Last year’s event was really lackluster and didn’t really get me involved, let’s hope this year’s event turns out good.

Are you excited?

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