Destiny 2: How To Get Xenophage Exotic Machine Gun Quest

Last Updated on October 30, 2019

How To Get Xenophage Exotic Machine Gun – Another week, another exotic quest. This weekly reset we are getting Festival of the Lost, Exotic Machine Gun Xenophage and the new Dungeon. Bungie is on a roll, there are a lot of things to grind for this week. Start right away.

There are way too many machine guns in the game now, with the Shadowkeep update we got two more. But this one is an exotic so it surely will be interesting to check. Let’s find out how we can obtain it.

How To Get Xenophage Exotic Machine Gun

Xenophage’s Intrinsic Perk – is Pyrotoxin Rounds that makes it fire high-powered explosive ammunition. It also has Rangefinder as a perk, so while aiming with this weapon, the effective range will be boosted.

Update: Full Quest with steps has been updated here. Click here and follow this guide with the quest steps.

To Start the quest head to Eris Morn. She will provide you with the Dungeon Unlocking Quest. From there you will have to follow the quest steps. I am currently completing the mission and will be posting an update here. The quest image is given below. After you’ve completed the quest, the dungeon location will be unlocked for you. It’s located below Scarletkeep Strike on Moon.

I am currently working on the article, the dungeon activity might give you the quest for xenophage.

Xenophage Exotic Machine Gun is obviously heavy (Solar). The quest-tied exotic that might be time-gated. It also might require you to complete a few things such as doing a couple runs of the new Haunted Forest or completing the new Dungeon Activity. At the time of writing this article, the weekly reset hasn’t happened so no one is sure about this.

Thoughts? – Yet another machine gun, we already have too many in the game and after the 21% nerf no one actually uses them. Also, the Intrinsic perk sounds fancy, it might have that damage boost, but it also sounds like a glorified explosive rounds to me. The update is yet to drop, so let’s hope for the best.

Are you excited about this new machine gun? – Do comment below and let me know.

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