Destiny 2 Season 17 – Destiny 2 Is Temporarily At Capacity

Last Updated on May 23, 2022

Destiny 2’s Season 17 – Season of the Haunted is here. This might be one of the most awaited updates since Witch Queen, as it brings many changes. The notable changes in this update are; the introduction of solar 3.0,

The Witch Queen update brought back many old players who had left the game. It was one of the best DLCs Bungie has ever worked on. The game also broke its concurrent player count record on Steam. The following season is here, and players have already started facing issues.

The message is:


Destiny 2 is temporarily at capacity. You will join the game in the order in which you connected. For more information please visit

Let’s not forget that most games nowadays have problems like FPS Drops and Crashing during their release. But Bungie has a great development team that communicates well with the player base. So I don’t expect the “Destiny 2 Is Temporarily At Capacity” problem to stay for long. Make sure to keep an eye on the Bungie’s official Twitter Handle.

Why am I getting Destiny 2 Is Temporarily At Capacity Message?

Whenever there’s a new or highly anticipated update, a massive influx of players hop into the game to try out the content. This puts a heavy load on the Destiny 2 servers making it impossible for everyone to get in. However, this problem stays only for a while until the player numbers stabilize.

Time-by-time players have criticized Bungie that they fail to deliver on Season release dates. From a developer’s point of view, it never makes sense to upgrade servers to a larger scale for a player base that will log in once and not return.

How can I fix this?

The update just dropped; everyone is as excited as you are. Most of the Destiny 2 Guardians are trying to log in as fast as possible to check out the new content. This is putting stress on Bungie’s server, and to tackle this, they have implemented a queue. Please wait for a while until numbers stabilize, and you should be able to log back in.

We have no idea how long this can take to get fixed, it can be minutes hours depending on the number of people trying to log in. So there’s no point in trying again and again and getting frustrated as this is a problem from Bungie’s end. There’s nothing you can do about it.

Let’s use the comment section below to discuss the new update until the servers get stable. What is the one thing you are most excited about in Season 17?

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