Destiny 2 Season 17 Loot, Rewards & Weapon Sunset Guide

Last Updated on May 24, 2022

Almost three months are about to pass by since the release of Witch Queen. Time does fly, Season 17 is just around the corner, and we’ll be seeing more details and leaks. Witch Queen was arguably one of the best quests that Bungie ever created; Forsaken was number one on my list before this.

We have new information on the new season, read these articles for more:

Notable Changes for Season 17:

  • Arc or Solar Rework
  • Nerfs and Buffs to Abilities and Exotics
  • Palindrome getting sunset

Update: The leaks and information have started to come in; this includes new loot, maps, changes to Trials of Osiris, and more. Bungie has also published a lot of details in the recent TWAB.

Here’s everything that we know about Season 17 and its rewards.

Destiny 2 Season 17 Loot & Rewards

Ritual Weapon

The Ritual Weapon for Season 17 will be the Heavy Machine Gun called Chain of Command. This will be similar to how you were rewarded Reckless Endangerment in Season 16. Consecutive vendor resets will award unique weapon ornaments depending on the vendor.

Ever since the Thunderlord and Hammerhead meta, Machine Guns have been left in the dust. Chain of Command is coming right in time. According to one of Bungie’s recent TWAB, they are buffing machine guns (+40% buff against enemies and +20% against bosses).

Let’s find out what weapons we are getting in Season 17.

Playlist Weapons


  • Riptide Fusion Rifle


  • Dead Weight Shotgun


  • Strident Whistle Bow

Nightfall Weapons (Including Adept)

  • Horror’s Least Pulse Rifle
  • D.F.A. Hand Cannon

The Comedian Shotgun and The Palindrome are retiring. There’s will be one more GM nightfall week where you’ll be able to farm the Palindrome.

Trials of Osiris Weapons

  • Forgiveness Sidearm
  • Burden of Guilt Fusion Rifle

The above weapons will replace The Messenger Pulse Rifle and Shayura’s Wrath.

Horror’s Least and D.F.A. are the only weapons making a comeback. Horror’s Least was one of the best rapid-fire frame pulse rifle in the game. Talking about D.F.A., It was a very consistent and easy to use hand cannon that had only two perk columns.

Exotic Weapons

The Rise of Iron Sidearm called Trespasser is making a comeback. This was leaked in the last week’s TWAB. There will be two more Exotics that will be coming in Season 17.

Apart from the names mentioned above, there will be 4 Dungeon Weapons and 6 Seasonal Activity Weapons, which make a total of 21 new weapons that we will be getting in Season 17. This number can change. I will make sure to update other S17 details in this article.

Details of the other weapon are still not known yet, other than their names. We can expect more information soon as Bungie teases more stuff. Next week, we also have Guardian Games, so look out for the reset. Guardian Games will continue until the start of Season 17.

Standard Loot Pool

Bungie also stated that they would be shifting over the standard loot pools with the Crisis Inverted Hand Cannon in Crucible, Herod-C Auto Rifle in Gambit and Vanguard Shotgun Fortissimo-11. This means that all three of these weapons can drop from any other world activity.

Apart from all the loot, Hunters are getting hit by the changes coming this season; you’ll be seeing fewer hunters jumping around and one-shotting you.

This article is a work in progress and will be updated!

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