V Rising – Save Game & Config File Location

Last Updated on May 24, 2022

V Rising is a Vampire Survival game similar to Valheim developed and published by the Stunlock Studious. The game features a massive open world with all the survival game elements in a Vampire World. You have armor and weapons to farm and bosses to take down and survive during the daytime as vampires usually do.

The single thing that sets this game apart from most survival titles is playability. You can spend hours and hours without realizing you are grinding, especially when playing with your friends. This is what makes a survival game a success. The game is sitting on a very positive rating on Steam; if developers don’t mess things up, the game will do well in the long run.

The game has turned out great for an Early Access title; almost everything is created really well apart from some crashing and performance issues.

V Rising – Save Game & Config File Location

Note: As usual, editing these files can pose a risk of losing or breaking things in-game. So make sure to always back up your files before making any changes.

Here’s the Saves Location:

This PC > Local Disk (C:) / Windows (C:) > Users > (User Name) > View > Show > Hidden items > AppData > LocalLow > StunlockStudios > VRising > Saves > (File)

Here’s the Config File Location:

  • Press Windows + R and type “%appdata%” (without quotes)
  • A new explorer window will open up, navigate to “LocalLow > Stunlock Studios > VRising > Settings”
  • Inside the settings folder you will find two files; “ClientSettings.Json” and “ServerHistory.Json”. These are the files that will come in handy while tweaking.

Some Notable ClientSettings.Json File Entries:

  • “SkipIntroCinematic”: true (This skips the intro cut-scene)
  • “DynamicResolutionQuality”: 0.77 (Dynamic resolutions should not be used in most cases)
  • “WindowMode”: 0 (1 for true and 0 for false)
  • “VerticalSync”: false (If you want to lock your FPS)
  • “MotionBlur”: false, (Disabling Motionblur is recommended)
  • “DepthOfField”: false (Enabled or disabled, personal choice)

There can be multiple reasons why one would want to take a backup of their saves and config files. Modding is one of those reasons. The game is new, but I am sure that community mods or tweaks will act as a utility similar once modders get going.

The game doesn’t use the cloud saving feature from Steam yet, so it makes sense to make a backup in case things go south. If you were to play the game on another computer with the same Steam account, you’d have to start from the beginning.

I hope V Rising doesn’t get abandoned just like Valheim was; the game was promised to be one of the best. But the developers just stopped giving updates on the future.

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