How To Get Heartshadow Exotic Sword & Catalyst

Last Updated on May 29, 2022

Heartshadow Exotic Sword & Catalyst – Calus’s Return to the haunted moon has brought back many weapons to the game, including the old opulence weapons. One part of the community is excited as ever, and the other is enraged due to the constant recycling of content.

Heartshadow is one of the new additions to the exotic pool of weapons in Destiny 2. This is a Void Heavy Sword revealed from the Duality Dungeon Trophies page. It is also one of the two exotics added to the game in the Season of the Haunted update (Trespasser).

Heartshadow Stats

  • Impact: 64
  • Swing Speed: 40
  • Charge Rate: 35
  • Guard Resistance: 100
  • Guard Efficiency: 100
  • Guard Endurance: 0
  • Ammo Capacity: 50

This Void Sword has the exotic trait called Shot in the Dark; Remaining Invisible grants, this weapon increased damage for a brief duration. Hitting a target with this weapon’s projectiles while Shot in the Dark is Active weakens them.

Intrinsic Trait: Exhumation, Heavy attacks made with full Sword energy turn you invisible and fire exploding Void projectiles.

So, this is another Black Talon with suppression and enhanced damage?

The Sword could synergize well with the Void 3.0 Hunter Build using Omniculous.

How To Get Heartshadow Exotic Sword

Confirmed Drop rate details will be updated on Friday.

The Heartshadow Exotic Sword can drop after completing the last encounter of the Duality Dungeon. The drop is not guaranteed, and RNG will always be a factor.

Apparently, You can complete triumphs to increase the drop rate of this exotic.

How To Get Heartshadow Catalyst

The catalyst, once leveled up, will unlock the perk “Wraithwalk.”

  • Wraithwalk: Faster movement while invisible.

Once the catalyst is obtained guardians will have to take down 400 enemies with Heartshadow to unlock it.

There’s already a Catalyst slot available for the Heartshadow. The methods to claim are either going to be;

  • complete the Dungeon in Master Difficulty.
  • or complete a quest similar to what we did for Gjallarhorn in Grasp of Avarice.

Update: As expected the catalyst is tied to a puzzle in the new Dungeon. Here’s a quote from the Reddit Detective Known Masterpiece.

Steps for obtaining the catalyst

First Step: Launch a fresh run and get into the first parkour section, you’re looking to head up to where the second lore collectible is, in the nightmare realm. If you have the sword, a miniboss will be spawned there. Do the murder-stab, and he’ll drop a standard like in the encounters. Word of Warning, this will start a collapse timer, so pick it up fast and jump down to the bottom bell to re-enter reality. Continue to the second bell-like normal, but before you ring it to leave, plant the standard behind the bell. It’ll give you a prompt.

After that, clear the first encounter like normal. After getting to the part with the two levers, there’s another boss that spawns in here. Kill them and get the standard, then continue to where you rotate the statues around. Stand up where the bonus chest is and switch dimensions. The plate is right where you are, plant and clear second encounter.

The final step is in the room with the white-cloth-covered square. Get up to the catwalk above the main room, then look back towards the door. There’s another boss there, kill him and return to the first (lower) bell. If you are in the nightmare realm after killing one of these bosses, it is timed. From there, get up to where the adds spawn before the drop-down to the Boss room. There’s a half oval against the wall, in the center of the little square. Plant banner and a chest will spawn.

Congrats! You now have the Catalyst.

Here’s a video explaining the process:

YouTube video

The weapon also has a beautiful-looking ornament available in the Database of

Swords are not fun in this game; you go near enemies and get bopped into oblivion. This might be Bungie’s attempt to bring Swords into the meta. Well, all of that will depend on damage numbers and build synergies.

Are you excited about this new Sword and the new Duality dungeon? Let us know using the comments section below.

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